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Marketing & Business Information Systems

Rowan University

Minor in Marketing

The Minor in Marketing parallels the undergraduate major program with many of the same required courses. The primary difference between the Marketing Major and Minor is the total number of semester hours required and a different capstone course. The capstone experience for the minor is The Marketing Plan which focuses on the components of market planning rather than the integration of a broader wealth of information and training as is currently required in the capstone course required of marketing majors. The addition of one elective course from the list of currently offered elective courses allows students some flexibility and customization when students develop their program of study for the minor.


Learning Objectives:

Program Requirements (Prerequisites are in parentheses):

Total Semester Hours for Minor in Marketing - 21 s.h.

Admission to the program:

A total of 12 completed or in-process semester hours and GPA or 2.5 are required prior to admission. Applications for the minor can be completed in the office of the Department of Marketing and Business Information Systems, Bunce Hall 208.