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Marketing & Business Information Systems

Rowan University

Minor in Management Information Systems

The Minor in Management Information Systems parallels the undergraduate major program with many of the same required courses. The objective of the Minor in MIS is to provide a tool set and methodology for analyzing processes in business (or other organizational types). Students completing this minor would better understand how information systems impact their major field, and would be well qualified to work on IS project teams as the business representative.


Learning Objectives:

The minor in MIS aims to prepare students who:

Depending on each student's choice of the final two courses in the minor, students will also achieve two of the following objectives:

Program Structure:

All courses required for this minor can be taken in the junior and/or senior year of a student's career at Rowan. The only course in this minor with a prerequisite other than being accepted into the minor is Advanced Database Management, which is an optional course, and if chosen, has Design of Database Systems as a prerequisite.

A total of 18 credits is required to earn this minor, with four courses specified and the remaining two courses chosen from a short list.

Program Requirements:

Students must take the following four courses (12 semester hours):

Students must choose two courses from the following five (6 semester hours):

Total Semester Hours for Minor in MIS 18 Semester Hours

Admission to the program:

A total of 12 completed or in-process semester hours and GPA or 2.5 are required prior to admission. Applications for the minor can be completed in the office of the Department of Marketing and Business Information Systems, Bunce Hall 208.