Rohrer College of Business @ Rowan University

B.S. Management Information System Program

The B.S. in Management Information Systems prepares students for careers in a rapidly changing technological world by training them to analyze business problems, challenges and opportunities, and to subsequently design, develop, implement and maintain business solutions through the use of information and information technology.

Students specializing in MIS learn how to analyze complex business situations, solicit information from individuals and systems, write specification documents, effectively communicate with both technical and non-technical people, design and develop technological solutions, implement and integrate various technologies, propose and evaluate alternative solutions, develop and manage project plans, and assess system success and organizational impacts. Critical thinking and communication skills are emphasized as students become proficient in designing and developing Web-based electronic commerce and intranet solutions, networking solutions, and relational database solutions.

Students working toward a B.S. in Management Information Systems must maintain a 2.00 grade point average overall and a 2.50 grade point average in all MIS and business course requirements.


The specific requirements for this program are:

General Education 50 s.h.
(See p. 48 for all-university requirements)

A. Communications 6-7 s.h.
ENGL01.111 College Composition I (3 s.h.) or
ENGL01.105 Integrated College Composition I (4 s.h.)
ENGL01.112 College Composition II
CMS06.202 Public Speaking

B. Math and Science 14-15 s.h.
MATH03.125 Calculus Techniques and Applications (3 s.h.) or
MATH01.130 Calculus I (4 s.h.)
MATH02.260 Statistics I
CS01.140 Enterprise Computing I (fall)
Choose a lab science course from approved general education courses.

C. Social and Behavioral Sciences 9 s.h.
ECON04.101 An Introduction to Economics - A Macroeconomic Perspective
ECON04.102 An Introduction to Economics - A Microeconomic Perspective
Choice from approved general education courses (Psychology or Sociology recommended)

D. History, Humanities, Language 6 s.h.
Choose courses from approved general education courses.

E. Artistic and Creative Experience 3 s.h.
Choose course from approved general education courses.

F. Non-Program Electives 13-15 s.h.

Business Core 27 s.h.
MKT09.200 Principles of Marketing
ACC03.210 Principles of Accounting I
ACC03.211 Principles of Accounting II
MGT98.242 Legal Environment of Business
MGT06.305 Operations Management
FIN04.300 Principles of Finance
MGT06.300 Organizational Behavior OR
MGT06.309 Organizational Behavior (WI)
MIS02.334 Management Information Systems
MGT06.402 Business Policy

Management Information Systems 33 s.h.
MIS02.338 Design of Database Systems (fall)
MIS02.330 Business Systems (fall)
MIS02.322 Principles of Systems Design (fall)
MIS02.410 Advanced Database Management (spring)
MIS02.427 Network Management (spring)
MIS02.428 Business Web Applications (fall)
MIS02.425 Project Management (fall)
MGT06.330 Managing International Business
MIS02.332 E-Business: IS Perspective (spring) OR
MIS02.333 E-Business: IS Perspective (WI)
MIS02.420 MIS Capstone Experience (spring)

Choose one course from the following:
ACC03.326 Cost Accounting
FIN04.422 Financial Management I
MGT06.304 Organizational Change and Development
MGT06.326 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
MGT06.361 Supervised Internship
MGT06.401 Independent Project
MKT09.305 Internet Marketing
MGT06.420 Principles of Training/Training Management
MIS02.150 Integrated Business Software Tools
MIS02.424 Seminar in MIS
CMS01.400 Writing for the Workplace
CS01.102 Introduction to Programming
CS01.205 Computer Lab Techniques
CS04.110 An Introduction to Programming Using Robots
CS04.222 Data Structure and Algorithms
PHIL09.230 Symbolic Logic
PHIL09.322 Business Ethics
CMS06.206 Interpersonal Communication
GEOG06.360 Introduction Geographic Information Systems
INTR01.265 Computers and Society

Free Electives 4 s.h.

Total Credits for the Program 120 s.h.