Rohrer College of Business @ Rowan University

Undergraduate Programs

The Rohrer College of Business offers the following programs to serve its undergraduate students: a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, a Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship, a Bachelor of Science in Finance, a Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management, a Bachelor of Science in Management, a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems, a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, a minor in Business Administration,a minor in Management Information Systems, and a minor in Marketing.

The College seeks to ensure that each student completing a program of study has a professional business education grounded in the liberal arts. The aims of the program are to: A. enable students to develop a broad general management approach toward organizations and the changing social and international environments they encounter; B. foster the students ability to develop and organize information for critical analysis as the basis for decision making; C. enable students to understand standards of professional and ethical behavior which are consistent with reasonable societal expectations; and D. develop in students the communications and technological expertise required for initial positions, as well as for career growth.

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