Rohrer College of Business @ Rowan University

Management Information Systems (MIS) Minor

The goal of the minor program is to give students a strong understanding of information systems in business without requiring them to learn how to program and actually develop the systems. Information systems are embedded within every area of an organization. Regardless of where a person works, he/she needs an understanding of how information is managed and utilized in today's rapidly changing technological world. The objective of the program is to provide a tool set and methodology for analyzing organizational processes.

Program Structure: Management Information Systems Minor Requirements

I. Required Courses (Prerequisites in Parentheses)

  • MIS02.334 Management Information Systems
  • MIS02.330 Business Systems
  • MIS02.338 Design of Database Systems
  • MIS02.322 Principles of Systems Design

II. Electives (Select two courses from the list below)

  • MIS02.325 Project Management
  • MIS02.336 Advanced Database Management (Design of Database Systems)
  • MIS02.327 Network Management
  • MIS02.332 E-Business: I.S. Perspective OR MIS02.333 E-Business: I.S. Perspective (WI)
  • CS04.140 Enterprise Computing I

III. Total Credits for Minor (18 s.h.)

IV. To Apply for the Minor

  • Students must complete at least twelve (letter graded) credit hours at Rowan and hold at least a 2.5 GPA
  • Application for the minor is made in person through Dr. Lewis.
    • To schedule an appointment with Dr. Lewis contact Ms. Helen Lynam, Secretary at 856-256-4029 or by email at