Faculty Scholarship 1994 - Present

Incorporating Project Based Learning in Introductory Accounting Course

Incorporating project based learning in an introductory accounting course for pre-MBA students.

Students work in groups to create a fictional business. Organizationally students are divided into groups of 4-5 in a creative and entrepreneurial comprehensive project. The basis for the comprehensive project is to incorporate project based learning (PBL)

Each group engages in an entrepreneurial exercise of developing a business idea from inception and initial organizational structure, addressing financial funding, and first year operating and capital budgets, and analyzing the results for viability as a going concern and fiscally sound business prospect.

The project is introduced at the beginning of the semester and there are deliverables throughout the semester culminating in a final business plan and viability analysis presented to the entire class

Using projects as a learning methodology is an approach that supports the many aspects of learning that faces teaching today. Incorporating critical thinking skills, analytical skills, assurance of learning measurements, and providing experiences that individual student can incorporate their individual interests and abilities within a group/team environment, thereby investing themselves individually and collectively as a team into the project.