Faculty Scholarship 1994 - Present

Insights to the Idea Generation Process in Accounting Research: Interviews with Accomplished Researchers

This study seeks to help accounting researchers to become more proficient at identifying and developing ideas for research and publication. This topic is important because publishing, especially in internationally recognized journals, is becoming increasingly emphasized in almost all universities, even in the Asia-Pacific region. In-depth interviews were conducted with 16 highly published accounting researchers. All of these scholars are of Chinese origin, and have active involvement and interest in the development of accounting education and research in the Asia-Pacific region. Each scholar shared his/her experiences and insights relating to four major topics: 1) Characteristics that make a reseach topic meaningful/significant 2) Characteristics that make a research topic unmeaning/insignificant 3) Processes that have worked well in identifying and developing research topics, and 4) Suggestions for accounting scholars to improve their research and publication success. The responses are content-analyzed and presented in both table and narrative forms. Numerous detailed quotes also are included to preserve the richness and nuances of these scholars' responses.