Faculty Scholarship 1994 - Present

Mission Critical I/S Activities as Perceived by I/S Professionals and Corporate Managers

The purpose of this study was to gain understanding of the expectations and level of satisfaction that I/S professionals and corporate managers have regarding mission- critical I/S activities within contemporary organizations. The study population consisted of I/S professionals with I/S management responsibilities and managers with strategic responsibilities. Both groups of respondents are stakeholders of the I/S function, with the I/S professionals as the producers of I/S services and the corporate managers as the consumers of these services. Survey respondents were asked a series of questions designed to reveal the I/S applications that they viewed as mission critical, their expectations regarding support of mission critical I/S activities, and their satisfaction with the level of support of mission-critical I/S activities within their organizations. In addition to comparing the expectations and satisfaction levels of I/S professionals and corporate managers, the study was designed to identify perceived performance gaps between stakeholder expectations and satisfaction levels.