Faculty Scholarship 1994 - Present

Source and Communication Medium Effects on the Persuasiveness of Direct Marketing to Promote Cholesterol and Chlamydia Screening

Prior research has examined the use of telemarketing in the community-wide prevention of heart diseases as part of the Pawtucket Heart Health program (Shwertfeger, et al. 1986). The results indicate that telemarketing is an interactive and inexpensive approach to marketing preventive health behaviors. The purpose of this research is to extend this study and explore the effects of source (caller) and the communciation medium (telephone versus email) on the pesuasiveness of direct marketing for health promotion. Results show that calls from a nurse were rated as signifcantly more persuasive than calls from student workers or telemarketing agents to promote screening for chlamydia and cholesterol among college students. Results also showed that telephone calls from nurses were not rated as significantly more persuasive than emails from nurses to promote screening for these conditions. These results indicate that email may be an effective medium for the direct marketing of health care preventative behaviors, especially on college campuses.