Faculty Scholarship 1994 - Present

Product and Market Diversification Impact on Productivity and Performance Enhancement - A Bi-National Study in the US and Japan

Diversification has been one of the major research issues in strategic and policy literatures regardless of the organizational differences, and across national boundaries. However, evidence on diversification and performance has also been troubled with uncertainty and debate over the inconclusive nature of the relationship, particularly in international perspectives. The present study undertakes to empirically demonstrate the strategic relationships between product and market/international diversification, and various indices of performance measures. Particularly this is undertaken with respect to accounting-based and market-based performance in the US and Japanese manufacturing firms. In addition, this study also is designed to explore the important and under-researched interactive effect of R and D intensity on the diversification and performance linkage for both US and Japanese firms. Outcomes of the study indicate that product diversification and multinational diversification have different impacts on corporate performance for US and Japanese multinationals.