Faculty Scholarship 1994 - Present

Casino City, Inc. V. US Dept of Justice: Campus Access to Internet Gambling and the First Amendment

The primary subject matter of this case is the concept of "standing" which mandates that, under Article III of the United States Constitution, each litigant is permitted to pursue his or her cause of action only if it presents a genuine "case or controversy," in the absence of which the federal district courts lack jurisdiction to adjudicate. This case also explores US statutes declaring internet gambling to be illegal, and examines whether First Amendment protection of commercial speech precludes government restrictions on advertisements promoting internet gambling. Finally this case reviews the rapid growth of the online gambling industry, the swiftly increasing participation of the university students in online gambling, the ethical implications of marketing efforts designed to entice unversity students to engage in internet gambling, and the Federal income tax consequences of gambling online. This case would be appropriate for use in business law/legal environment of business, internet marketing, or e-business courses with a difficulty level of two or three depending on the course.