Faculty Scholarship 1994 - Present

A Collaborative, Holistic Career Development Program for Business Students

This article presents the results of an ongoing collaborative program developed by the career and academic planning center (CAP) and the college of business (COB) at Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey. The program is holistic and sequential in nature, and designed to accomplish the following primary objectives: provide freshman COB students with systematic self-assessment as well as career and business major exploration, provide junior-year COB students with the skills necessary for a successful job search, teach senior year COB students how to prepare for interviews. This program is an example of a practical approach to integrating the services of career counseling and advising directly with the teaching faculty, and provides evidence that major institutional stakeholders benefit from this collaboration. The collaboration provides added value to the students without increasing institutional operating budgets. It is beneficial to career counselors and advisors who are seeking to indemnify their programs in the face of mounting budgetary pressure and scrutiny. The program reduces the level of career advisement work for faculty members who often are under increasing pressure to allocate their time to academic research and publishing. And, it helps employers by providing graduates who are better equipped to accurately communicate their skills, knowledge, experience, and interests.