Faculty Scholarship 1994 - Present

Cultural Training: An Analysis of the Effects of Sales Manager and Family Training on Job Performance in a Foreign Assignment

Numerous studies indicate that the cost of premature returns from a foreign assignment ranges from $250,000 to $1 million that is measured as lost business opportunities, the cost of expatriate�s relocation, and damaged company reputation. Though it is believed that cultural training is the antidote to early returns, literature presents only anecdotal writings generally lacking theoretical and empirical rigors. In addition, notwithstanding the known effects of family, no attempt has been made to study how family as a unit and family training influence the outcome of an expatriate�s international assignment. This study attempts to fill an important gap in the literature by presenting a conceptual model of the effects of cultural training on sales managers� job performance in a foreign assignment. More specifically, it studies how sales managers� and their family�s training affect their adjustment, job satisfaction, and ultimately their job performance. A comprehensive model is presented and analyzed in the paper to address the following questions: 1. Do sales managers receive formal training prior to their foreign assignment? If yes, what types of trainings do they receive? 2. Do family members receive cultural training prior to their relocation? 3. What is the role of cultural distance in the content of training? How does cultural distance affect adjustment to a foreign environment? 4. How does both family�s and manager�s cultural training affect the sales manager�s adjustment, job satisfaction and job performance?