Faculty Scholarship 1994 - Present

Berhe Habte-Giorgis





Inductive Exploration on the Effect of Corporate Reputation and Economic & Non-Economic Factors on CEO Compensation Academy of Business Research 2011 Presentation
Comparative Approach to the Strategic Impact of R&D and Export Activity on Firm Economic Performance in SMEs: U.S., Japan and Korea International Council for Small Business World Conference 2009 Presentation
Empirical Study of the Strategic Impact of Major Marketing Factors on Firms Accounting Performance in the Pharmaceutical Industry Business Research Yearbook (previously presented at VI International Conference IABD) 2008 Journal
New Perspectives on the Strategic Linkages Between Marketing Factors, R&D; Activity and Firm Performance in the U.S. Pharmaceutical Industry Journal of International Business Disciplines 2008 Journal
Business Leadership and Practice in the Gambia Indian Journal of Economics & Business (previously appeared in the Proceedings of the Third Annual Conference of the Applied Business and Entrpreneurship Association International) 2007 Journal
Strategic Orientation and Export Performance: A Three-Country Study of Manufacturing Firms Journal of Transnational Management 2007 Journal
Strategic Orientation and Export Performance of Firms: A Study of American, Japanese and German Companies in the Manufacturing Sector (best paper award) Advances in Global Management Deveopment 2006 Journal
Empirical Approach to the Sequential Relationships between Firm Strategy, Export Activity and Performance in US Manufacturing Firms International Business Review 2004 Journal
A Conceptual Application of TQM to a Successful Strategic Market Planning in the Telecommunications Industry Business Research Yearbook 2004 Journal
A Functional Linkage between Key Operations Elements - E-Commerce for Productivity and Profitability Society for the Advancement of Management 2003 Conference Proceeding
Source and Communication Medium Effects on the Persuasiveness of Direct Marketing to Promote Cholesterol and Chlamydia Screening Atlantic Marketing Association 2002 Conference Proceeding
The Marketing Concept/TQM: A Convergence Business Research Yearbook 2002 Journal
Simultaneous Linkage Between Diversification, R & D Intensity, and Export Activity Business Research Yearbook 2001 Journal
Corporate Strategy and Performance Relationships in Exporting Firms Business Research Yearbook 2000 Journal
Marketing Induced Rural Development International Academy of African Business Development 2000 Presentation
Characteristics of Successful Small Businesses in Southern New Jersey Association for Small Business & Entrepreneurship 1999 Conference Proceeding
Supervised Internship: The Employers Perspective Association for Business Simulation and Experiential Learning 1999 Conference Proceeding
Corporate Downsizing: Performance Implications Academy of Business Administration 1997 Conference Proceeding
An Implication of Total Quality Management (TQM) in Higher Education Occasional Papers 1996 Journal
The Role of Marketing In Economic Development Asmara International Business and Government 1995 Conference Proceeding
Determinants of Firm Performance in Newly Industrialized Countries Business and Economic Review 1994 Journal