Faculty Scholarship 1994 - Present

Diane Hamilton





Assessment and Assurance of Learning AACSB International Conference and Annual Meeting 2007 Presentation
Leveraging Learning Styles to Improve Student Learning: The Interactive Learning Model and Learning Combination Inventory The Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges 2007 Journal
Textbook Review: Go! with XHTML Comprehensive Prentice Hall 2007 Other
Adding Contextual Specificity to the Technology Acceptance Model Computers in Human Behavior 2006 Journal
Factors Affecting Student Performance and Satisfaction: Online versus Traditional Course Delivery Journal of Computer Information Systems 2006 Journal
Accreditation I: Program Educational Objectives and Program Outcomes SIGITE - ACM Special Interest Group for IT Education 2006 Presentation
Accreditation II: Assessment and Continuous Improvement SIGITE - ACM Special Interest Group for IT Education 2006 Presentation
Same Song, Second Verse: Evaluation and Improvement of an Established Assessment Program Chapter in Assessment of Student Learning in Business Schools: Best Practices Each Step of the Way 2005 Book Chapter
Critical Success Factors in Attaining Initial AACSB Accreditation AACSB Continuous Improvement Symposium 2005 Presentation
Questions You Should Consider when Developing an Assessment Program Financial Management Association 2005 Presentation
Accreditation, Program Educational Objectives and Program Outcomes (pre-conference workshop) ACM Special Interest Group on Information Technology Education 2005 Other
Assessment and Continuous Improvement (pre-conference workshop) ACM Special Interest Group on Information Technology Education 2005 Other
Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Internet Business Models (chapter in The Internet Encyclopedia) John Wiley & Sons 2004 Book Chapter
Factors Considered by Business Schools when Determining Programmatic Learning Goals European Applied Business Research Conference 2004 Conference Proceeding
Use of WebCT to Support Multiple Learning Models European College Teaching & Learning Conference 2004 Presentation
From "Assessment" to "Assurance of Learning" Middle Atlantic Association of Colleges of Business (MAACBA) 2003 Presentation
Employer Surveillance of Employee E-mail: Global Differences International Journal of Business & Economics 2002 Journal
Linking Outcomes Assessment and Academic Program Reviews Middle States Commission on Higher Education 2002 Other
Outcomes Assessment Under Proposed AACSB Accreditation Standards: Assurance of Learning AACSB Continuous Improvement Symposium 2002 Presentation
The Effects of Using In-Class Focus Groups on Student Course Evaluations Journal of Education for Business 2002 Journal
Electronic-Commerce Payment Transactions: Global Differences Editions ESKA 2002 Book Chapter
Solutions Manual to accompany Electronic Commerce: Security, Risk Management and Control McGraw-Hill Irwin 2002 Other
Developing Assessment Templates: The Rowan University Experience AACSB International - Continuous Improvement Symposium 2001 Presentation
Using the ETS Major Field Test in Business: Implications for Assessment Journal of Education for Business 2001 Journal
Result of Focus Groups used to Improve the Teaching/Learning Process: The Hawthorne Effect? Hawaii Conference on Business 2001 Presentation
A Decision Model for Integration Across the Business Curriculum in the 21st Century Journal of Management Education 2000 Journal
Electronic Commerce: Re-engineering the Value Chain to Increase Consumer Focus Academy of Business Administration 2000 Conference Proceeding
Using Focus Groups to Improve the Teaching/Learning Process in Principles of Finance Journal of Accounting and Finance Research 2000 Journal
Global Implementation of the SET Protocol for Electronic Commerce: A Cost/Benefit Analysis International Journal of Business Disciplines 2000 Journal
Global Implementation of the SET Protocol for Electronic Commerce International Trade & Finance Association 2000 Presentation
Assessing Teach Effectiveness: Using Focus Groups to Impr the Teaching/Learning Proc in Finance American Academy of Accounting and Finance 1999 Presentation
Critical Factors - Audit Client Engagement Decision ESS: Delphi Study of Big 6 Practicing Auditors Intelligent Systems in Accounting, Finance and Management 1997 Journal
Critical Factors to Consider in the Development of an Audit Client Engagement Decision ESS American Accounting Association 1997 Presentation
End User Expectations of MIS Professionals International Association for Computer Information Systems 1997 Conference Proceeding
Collaborative Learning for Acquisition of Critical Skills International Association for Computer Information Systems 1996 Conference Proceeding
Knowledge Acquisition for Multiple Site, Related Domain ESs: Delphi Process & Application Expert Systems With Applications 1996 Journal
A Framework for Development of an ESS for Audit Firm Client Engagement Decisions First International Conference on AI in Accounting 1995 Conference Proceeding
A Neural Network Approach to Predicting Firm Performance: Comp Study of U.S. And Jap Firms Eastern Academy of Management 1995 Conference Proceeding
Advanced IS Technologies: Decision Support Systems, Expert Systems, and Neural Networks Accounting Information Systems 1995 Book Chapter
Effective Use of Operating Theatres Nursing Times 1994 Other
Operating Room Scheduling: Factors to Consider AORN Journal 1994 Journal