Faculty Scholarship 1994 - Present

Jennifer Nicholson





Exploring the Use of Virtual World Technology for Idea-Generation Tasks International Journal of E-Collaboration Forthcoming Journal
Mapping Direct, Prior Personal Experiences to New Product Trials: An Exploratory Study of the Effects of Points-of-Reference on Online Purchase Intentions and Consumption Academy of Business Research 2014 Conference Proceeding
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Exploring the Effects of Mood on End-User Experiences During a Virtual Product Trial Academy of Business Research Fall International Conference (ABR), Atlantic City, NJ. Best Paper Award. 2012 Conference Proceeding
An Exploration of How Virtual World Technology Affect Idea-Generation Performance. Rowan University Rohrer College of Business John B. Campbell Lecture Series 2012 Presentation
Knowledge Worker Productivity: The Effects of Distraction and Task Complexity in Mobile Computing Environments Organization and End-User Interactions: New Explorations. IGI Global, Hershey, PA. 2011 Book Chapter
A Stream Runs Through IT: Using Streaming Video to Teach Information Systems Campus Wide Information Systems 2010 Journal
Virtual Product Experience: An Empirical Examination of Technology and Individual Characteristics on Consumer Psychology and Behavior Rowan University Rohrer College of Business John B. Campbell Lecture Series 2010 Presentation
Investigating the Effects of Distraction and Task Complexity on Knowledge Worker Productivity in the Context of Mobile Computing Environments Journal of Organizational and End User Computing 2009 Journal
Multimedia Learning Environments: Exploring Student and Faculty Perceptions of Streaming Video. Information Systems Educator Conference (ISECON) 2009 Conference Proceeding
Modems The Handbook of Computer Networks 2008 Book Chapter
Examining the Effects of Technology Attributes on Learning: A contingency Perspective Journal of Information Technology Education 2008 Journal
Using Multimedia to Convey Procedural Knowledge: Student and Faculty Perceptions 2008 American Institute of Higher Education 2008 Conference Proceeding
Computer-Mediated Learning: Leveraging Technology Attributes to Enhance Learning Outcomes Proceedings of the AIS SIG-ED IAIM 2007 Conference 2007 Conference Proceeding
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Exploring the Myths about Online Education in Information Systems Informing Science Journal 2005 Journal
Test Performance and the Medium: Unearthing Differences that Make a Differences Americas Conference on Information Systems 2003 Conference Proceeding
Unearthing Hidden Assumptions Regarding On-Line Education: The Use of Myths and Metaphors International Academy for Information Management 2002 Conference Proceeding