Faculty Scholarship 1994 - Present

Dilip Mirchandani





Toward an Integrated Theory of Sustainability Eastern Academy of Management International Conference 2013 Presentation
Creating a Sustainability Culture on Campus Eastern Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2011 Presentation
Integrating Sustainability in the Business Curriculum: Some Options and Perspectives Business Professor Teaching Summit 2011 Presentation
Academic and Executive Perspectives on Sustainability Eastern Academy of Management International Conference 2011 Presentation
EAM White Paper Series: Sustainability and innovation for systemic change Organization Management Journal 2010 Journal
The What, How and Why of Scholarly Publishing Eastern Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2010 Presentation
Facing the Future with Heart and Mind Organization Management Journal 2009 Journal
Symposium: Issues and Challenges for Managing Sustainably Eastern Academy of Management International Conference 2009 Presentation
Building and Maintaining Sustainable Organizations Organization Management Journal 2008 Journal
What Does (Pick a Term) Mean in Arabic? French? Mandarin?, etc,: Insights into Conducting Cross Cultural Research Eastern Academy of Management 45th Annual Meeting 2008 Presentation
Managing Sustainability: Issues and Challenges Managing in a Global Economy XII 2007 Presentation
Doing Business In... Costa Rica Thunderbird International Business Review 2005 Journal
Case Study: K-Tron International, Inc. Eastern Academy of Management - International 2005 Presentation
Teaching Ethics in Management Courses: A Basket of Experiential Exercises Eastern Academy of Management 2004 Conference Proceeding
A Sustained Effort for Educating Students About Sustainable Development American Society for Engineering Education 2004 Presentation
The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: An International Perspective (panel presentation) Academy of Management 2004 Conference Proceeding
Globalization, Human Progress, and Peace: A Conversation with Oscar Arias Sanchez Thunderbird International Business Review 2003 Journal
Global Competitiveness, Economic Freedom and Human Development: An Analysis of Country Rankings International Journal of Business Disciplines 2001 Journal
Using the ETS Major Field Test in Business: Implications for Assessment Journal of Education for Business 2001 Journal
A Decision Model for Integration Across the Business Curriculum in the 21st Century Journal of Management Education 2000 Journal
Economic and Social Indicators of Global Competitiveness: An Analysis of Country Rankings Eastern Academy of Management 1999 Presentation
A Basket of Assessment Strategies for Business Policy Annual Meeting of Decision Sciences Institute 1998 Conference Proceeding
Internet in the Classroom Academy of Management 1998 Presentation
An Organizational Perspective on Creating International Networks Academy of Management 1997 Presentation
Critical Thinking & Learning Styles: Findings from Learning Outcomes Assessment in Business Policy Academy of Business Administration 1997 Conference Proceeding
Impact of Cost Position, Differentiation & Int'l Diivers on Risk, Returrn, & Growth: Exp Study of Jap Firms Northeast Decision Sciences Institute 1996 Conference Proceeding
Lessons from the Evolution of General Education Assessment at a Four-Year State College AAHE Conference on Assessment and Quality 1996 Presentation
A Neural Network Approach to Predicting Firm Performance: Comp Study of U.S. And Jap Firms Eastern Academy of Management 1995 Conference Proceeding
Business Unit Profitability: Evidence from FTC Line-Of-Business Data World Conference of Management: IFSAM 1994 Conference Proceeding
NAFTA: Context & Consequences Eastern Academy of Management 1994 Other