Faculty Scholarship 1994 - Present

Linda Ross





Business Plan Competitions: Start-up Idols and their Twenty-First Century Launch Pads Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice Forthcoming Journal
Practical, Purposeful Pedagogy: A Model Outreach Program to Prepare Educators to Incorporate Economics Across the Curriculum Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice Forthcoming Journal
University-Based Business Plan Competitions: Does Institutional Environment Affect Participation and Outcomes? National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance 2012 Other
Practical, Purposeful Pedagogy National Business and Economics Society Thirteenth Annual Conference 2012 Presentation
Leveraging E-Commerce Platforms for Business Plan Competitions: Linking Pedagogy and Practice E-Business Review 2010 Journal
Entrepreneurship is a General Education Course! The Why, How and Transferability of the Concept Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship 2009 Journal
Reassessing the Control Construct of Cyberspace Eighteenth Annual Conference of the International Association for Business and Society 2007 Presentation
Reinventing the Regulatory Paradigm & Managing the Web Mid-Atlantic Academy of Legal Studies in Business Conference 2007 Presentation
Focusing on the Field: Empirical Observations of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Used in Organizations The E-Business Review (previously presented at the International Academy of E-Business) 2007 Journal
Expanding SME Access to Capital Through the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) USASBE 2006 Conference Proceeding
Entrepreneurship is a General Education Course! The Why, How and Transferability of the Concept USASBE 2005 Conference Proceeding
The CRA and Capital Formation for SME's: Financing the Future - A Trend Analysis Small Business Institute Eastern Annual Conference 2005 Conference Proceeding
Learning to Recognize National Cultural Values: Using "Cultural diversity at the Heart of Bull" for Diagnosis and Discussion Eastern Academy of Management 2003 Presentation
Wine, the Tasty Small Business International Council for Small Business 2003 Conference Proceeding
Interactive Effects of Race and Gender on Customer Satisfaction with Employment and Training Services Business Research Yearbook 2002 Journal
The Evolution of E-Business Communities (EBC): Applying the Concept to the US Wine Industry Global Business & Technology Association 2002 Conference Proceeding
The Convergence of Sustainable Development & Globalization: Influences on Strategy Implementation in the Wine Industry Eastern Academy of Management 2001 Conference Proceeding
Building a Model to Assess On-Line Conferencing Technology in the Management Classroom Int'l Organizational Behavior Teaching Conference 1999 Conference Proceeding
Gender Effects on Customer Satisifaction with Employment and Training Services Career Development International 1999 Journal
An Empirical Investigation on the Major Determinants of Compensation in Higher Education Business Research Yearbook 1998 Journal
A Comparison of Financial Characteristics of U.S. and Japanese Chemical Firms Multinational Business Review 1997 Journal
Managerial Roles as Perceived by Fire Chiefs in Contemporary Municipal Fire Departments Academy of Business Administration 1997 Conference Proceeding
A Comparative Study of the U.S. and Japanese Firms in the Chemicals Industry Academy of Business Administration 1996 Conference Proceeding
Collaborative Learning for Acquisition of Critical Skills International Association for Computer Information Systems 1996 Conference Proceeding
Strategic Planning as an Educ Enterprise: Modeling Entrepr in the Comprehensive Public College ERIC 1995 Other