Faculty Scholarship 1994 - Present

Joel Rudin





Reducing the Transphobia of Undergraduate Business Students Eastern Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2014 Conference Proceeding
Reconstructing the fairness of health care in the United States: The case of the 'Cadillac tax' Fairness at Work Research Center International Conference 2014 Conference Proceeding
Foucault's Foot Soldiers: American Human Resource Managers after Obamacare Critical Management Studies International Conference 2013 Conference Proceeding
Encouraging the Evolution of E-Recruitment Research Proceedings of the 11th World Congress of the International Federation of Scholarly Associations of Management (IFSAM), Limerick, Ireland 2012 Conference Proceeding
Employers' Willingness to Accommodate the Transgendered'. Eastern Academy of Management 2012 Presentation
E-government versus e-business: A comparison of online recruitment in the poublic and private sectors American Review of Public Administration 2012 Journal
Overweight and Overdue: Weight-Based Discrimination and the ADA Amendments Act Labor Law Journal 2012 Journal
America's Health Insurance Plans: What Are They Thinking? Eastern Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2012 Presentation
Words about words: A discursive analysis of the union rights notification debate in the United States International Conference on Organizational Discourse 2012 Presentation
Encouraging the Evolution of E-Recruitment Research International Federation of Scholarly Associations of Management 2012 Presentation
Global patterns in relative exploitation by gender 2010 CMS Research Workshop 2010 Presentation
Staggering towards second class citizenship: the evolution of sexual orientation equality policy in the United States Equal is Not Enough 2010 Presentation
Assessing HRM-Specific Knowledge Journal of Human Resources Education 2009 Journal
Regulation of Child Custody Mediation: A Patchwork Quilt Journal of Public Management and Social Policy 2009 Journal
Teaching the Truth about Affirmative Action Business Research Yearbook 2009 Journal
On-line recruitment in the public and private sectors: A Comparison Midwest Political Science Association 2009 Conference Proceeding
Assessing Human Resource Management-Specific Knowledge Via An E-Mail In-Basket Exercise 2008 American Institute of Higher Education 2008 Conference Proceeding
Human Resource Management in Entrepreneurial Organizations: Are There Global Best Practices? The Association on Employment Practices and Principles (AEPP) 2008 Conference Proceeding
Alternative Employment Practices: A Call to Arms Labor Law Journal 2007 Journal
Comparing Recruiting Websites in the Public and Private Sectors The E-Business Review 2007 Journal
Hoisted by their own petard: HRM as a force for positive social change Critical Management Studies International Conference 2007 Conference Proceeding
Unfinished Business: Problems with Corporate Recruiting Websites E-Business Review 2006 Journal
Gender Discrimination in Global Employment, 1994-2004 Proceedings of the 14th Annual International Conference 2006 2006 Conference Proceeding
Patterns of Professionalism: The Case of Child Custody Mediators. Administrative Sciences Association of Canada 2005 Presentation
Global Trends in Employment Discrimination Association on Employment Practices and Principles 2004 Conference Proceeding
Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Legislation and Small Businesses: Real Hazard or Red Herring? Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship 2004 Journal
Technology and Management Education: Is Half a Loaf Worse than None? Southwest Academy of Management 2004 Conference Proceeding
Constructing A Winning 'Glass Ceiling' Case The Trial Lawyer (On-line publication) 2003 Other
US Pay Equity Legislation: Sheep in Wolves' Clothing Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal 2003 Journal
Continuous Dependent Variables and Organizational Ecology: Toward a more Perfect Union Quality and Quantity 2003 Journal
Budgetary Allocations to Organizational Peripheries: Are they Related to Organizational Effectiveness? Journal of Management Research 2003 Journal
A Truer Measure of Risk in Executive Cash Compensation Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship 2002 Journal
Glass Ceiling Cases: A Review and Critique Southern Academy of Legal Studies in Business 2002 Conference Proceeding
Pay Equity Bills in the 107th Congress: Sheep in Wolves' Clothing Association on Employment Practices and Principles 2002 Conference Proceeding
Continuous Dependent Variables in Organizational Ecology Research: A Review and Critique Academy of Management 2001 Presentation
In Search of the "Inverted U" Relationship Between Population Density and Organizational Mortality Eastern Academy of Management 2001 Conference Proceeding
The Collapse of Barings Bank: An Archival Case for International Management Education Journal of Teaching in International Business 2001 Journal
Saving Souls and Losing Cases: Legal Implications of Proselytizing at Work Pacific Southwest Academy of Legal Studies in Business 2001 Conference Proceeding
Executive Pay: Shareholder Enrichment or Shareholder Deception? Eastern Academy of Management 2000 Conference Proceeding
Predictors of Student Withdrawal from a Self-Paced Degree Program Journal of Public Affairs Education 2000 Journal
Corporate Mentoring Programs: Legal Landmines? Journal of Employment Discrimination Law 2000 Journal
Challenging Corporate Mentoring Programs: Alternative Employment Practices and Mixed Motives Southern Academy of Legal Studies in Business 2000 Conference Proceeding
Effect of Reward Size on Performance of a Deception Detection Task Southwest Academy of Management 1999 Conference Proceeding
Forecasting the Impact of the Asian Economic Crisis on U.S. Railroads Transportation Research Forum 1999 Conference Proceeding
Corporate Mentoring Programs: Stepping Around Legal Landmines Southern Academy of Legal Studies in Business 1999 Conference Proceeding
Employment Interviewers as Lie Detectors: More Harm Than Good? Central Business Review 1998 Journal
Teaching Undergraduate Business Management Courses on Campus and in Prisons Journal of Correctional Education 1998 Journal
Downsizing and its Relationship to Profitablity: The Case of Large Freight Railroads Southwest Academy of Management 1997 Conference Proceeding
Is Mentoring Lawful? Southwest Business Symposium 1997 Conference Proceeding
Slim Pickings: Under Representation of Overweight White Men in Top Management Emerging Issues in Business and Technology 1997 Conference Proceeding
Downsizing and its Relationship to Number of Employees Transportation Research Forum 1996 Conference Proceeding
Employment Interviewers as Lie Detectors: More Harm Than Good? (later pub in Central Bus Review) Southwest Academy of Management 1996 Conference Proceeding
Information Acquisition in Promotion Decisions Human Relations 1996 Journal
Marketing Better Personnel Selection Techinques to Small Business Owners Southwest Business Symposium 1996 Conference Proceeding
Perceived Weight of Other Persons Journal of Social Psychology 1996 Journal
Using Better Personnel Selection Techniques American Business Perspectives 1996 Journal
Financial Effects of Pay Leadership Policies: A Force-Field Analysis Human Resource Planning Society Research Symposium 1995 Conference Proceeding
Causal Modeling of Continuous Dependent Variables in Populations of Changing Size Academy of Management Conference on Causal Modeling 1994 Conference Proceeding