Faculty Scholarship 1994 - Present

Steven E. Phelan





Bluffing and Betting Behavior in a Simplified Poker Game Journal Of Behavioral Decision Making 2010 Journal
Competitive Bluffing: an Examination of a Common Practice and its Relationship with Performance Journal Of Business Ethics 2009 Journal
Measurement of Return on the Marketing Investment: A Conceptual Framework and the Future of Marketing Metrics Industrial Marketing Management 2007 Journal
The Effects of Personality and Experience on Resource Acquisition Performance: An Experimental Study Journal of Entrepreneurship Education 2006 Journal
Designing Foreign Market Study Tours as an Integral Part of International Business Courses Reveiw of Business Research 2006 Journal
A Propaganda Model of Business School Behavior Quarterly Journal Of Ideology 2006 Journal
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Creating Value through the Strategic Management of Psychological Contracts Review of Business Research 2004 Journal
Using Agent-Based Simulation to Examine the Robustness of Up-or-Out Promotion Systems in Universities Nonlinear Dynamics, Psychology, and the Life Science 2004 Journal
Trends in Foreign Direct Investment Flows: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis Journal Of International Business Studies 2004 Journal
Cognitive Capacity as a Competitive Advantage: A Simulation Test Journal is not in list - being petitioned 2002 Journal
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