Faculty Scholarship 1994 - Present

Stephanie Weidman





Using Self-Paced Learning Modules and Camtasia Videos to Ensure Intermediate Level Competency in Microsoft Excel AIS Educators Conference Forthcoming Presentation
The Pedagogical Benefits of Service Learning: Does Participation in a VITA Program Help Acheive Accounting Learning Goals Campbell Lecture Series 2012 Presentation
The Effects of the 2008 Stock Market Crash on the Managerial Behavior, Financial Characteristics and Competitiveness of Large U.S. Corporations Journal of Global Business Issues 2011 Journal
An Experimental Investigation of the Intentions to Accrue and Disclose Environmental Liabilities Advances in Public Interest Accounting 2010 Journal
Engaging in Continuous Improvement in an Undergraduate Accounting Program Using an Internally Developed Cumulative Exit Exam American Institute of Higher Education's Fourth International Conference 2010 Presentation
An Experimental Investigation of Intentions to Accrue and Disclose Environmental Liabilities PRME Conference 2010 Presentation
Philip Morris U.S.A. v. Williams: Punitive Damages, Due Process and the U.S. Supreme Court Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies 2009 Journal
Returns and Co-Movements of Domestic and Country Index Funds: Global Portfolio Diversification Implications The Journal of Global Business Issues 2008 Journal
A Comparison of the Financial Characteristics of French, German, and U.K. Chemical Firms The Journal of Global Business Issues 2007 Journal
A Cross-Disciplinary Pedagogical Approach to Environmental Management Education Journal of Management Research 2004 Journal
A Behavioral Model of Decisions to Accru & Disclose Environmental Liabilitites AAA Mid-Atlantic Region 2004 Presentation
Comparison of the Financial Characteristics of US, EU, and Japanese Manufacturing Firms American Business Review 2002 Journal
Ham v. Deloitte: Self-Regulation in the Accounting Industry is called into Question Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues 2002 Journal
Influence of Course Difficulty, Workload, Pace, and Expected Grades on Overall Course Evaluations as Measured by Student Instructional Reports (SIR II) Academy of Educational Leadership Journal 2002 Journal
Halo Effect: Vulnerability of SIR II Overall Course Eval to Course Difficulty, Workload, Pace & Exp Grade Academy of Educational Leadership 2001 Presentation
A Comparison of Financial Characteristics of U.S. and Japanese Chemical Firms Multinational Business Review 1997 Journal
A Comparative Study of the U.S. and Japanese Firms in the Chemicals Industry Academy of Business Administration 1996 Conference Proceeding
Accounting for Environmental Remediation Costs Business and Professional Ethics Journal 1994 Journal