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College of Communication & Creative Arts - Art

Rowan University

Admission to the Department of Art

Each candidate applying for admission as an art student is required to present a portfolio containing examples of his/her best work for review by the art faculty. Photographs or slides may be substituted for large three dimensional work.

Students must register online for a portfolio review date. Register Now!

Once you register for your portfolio review date, you will be contacted by the Art Department within 2 weeks to schedule your individual interview time on the date selected.

It is strongly recommended that all students appear on campus to present his or her portfolio. If you are unable to appear on campus, please refer to the Portfolio Interview Instructions for guidelines to submit your portfolio by mail.

In general, all students are considered foundation students for the first year. Outstanding candidates may be offered BA or BFA status upon admission. In the first year, all students take the Foundation Core: Representational Drawing, Expressive Drawing, Two-Dimensional Design, Three-Dimensional Design, and Art History I and II. In the semester a student is completing the final studio courses in the Foundation Core, he/she signs up for the Foundation Core Portfolio Review. Upon successful completion of the Core Portfolio Review, students apply for admission to the BA or BFA program. Students who are deemed to need additional work may continue taking courses and reapply for admission to the BA or BFA at a later date.

These admission standards apply to all art students: freshmen, transfers from other institutions and Rowan University students changing their majors.

Note: In addition to tuition, fees and normal book costs, art majors should anticipate additional fees for materials and equipment used in studio courses.