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College of Communication & Creative Arts - Art

Rowan University

Faculty and Staff

David Vaccaro
Program Advisor
Phone 856-256-4091

David Vaccaro

David Vaccaro is Primary Advisor for the Department of Art. When he isn’t double-checking a graduation status, reviewing transfer transcripts, assuring that various portfolio reviews are completed, or helping solve a current student crisis, he teaches printmaking courses. He’s the inky mad genius behind the Cult of Print and the annual Dusk-to-Dawn printmaking events.

David earned his MFA at University of Tennessee Knoxville and his BFA at Edinboro University. He wandered into Westby in 1999 and stayed; before that he worked as an art director for a video production company. David is an active freelance artist. He likes cats, graduates who come back to visit, and fishing for compliments (and even sometimes for fish.)