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College of Communication & Creative Arts - Art

Rowan University

Minor in Art History

David E. Vaccaro, Advisor

Eligibility: The Minor in Art History is open to any interested Rowan student. Transfer students are required to take a minimum of twelve credit hours toward the minor at Rowan University.

Program: The Minor in Art History consists of 18 semester hours. There are three required Art History core courses and three Art History electives, as follows:

Art History Core Courses:
Note: These courses are offered every semester.

ARHS 03.103 Art History Survey I
ARHS 03.104 Art History Survey II
ARHS 03.205 Art History Survey III

Art History Electives (choose three):
Note: If intermediate courses are selected, prerequisites listed in the catalog descriptions
of these courses must be met. Courses marked with an asterisk (*) are not offered every semester

ARHS 03.210 History of American Art
ARHS 03.220 Modern Art
ARHS 03.250 Concepts in Art: Survey*
ARHS 03.252 Concepts in Art: Criticism (WI)*
ARHS 03.253 Concepts in Art: Sociological*
ARHS 03.230 Survey of Women Artists*
ARHS 03.231 Survey of Asian Art*
ARHS 03.420 Art Since 1945*
ARHS 03.425 Special Problems Art History (course may be repeated)