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College of Communication & Creative Arts - Art

Rowan University

Dual Major: Bachelor of Arts in Art (BA) and Bachelor of Arts in Education/Endorsement in the Teaching of Art (K-12)

This unique program offers students an opportunity to satisfy degree requirements for a BA in Art and a BA in Education with New Jersey State Art Teacher Endorsement for grades K-12. With artistic studies in art history and studio, the program combines the broad perspectives of a liberal arts education with a focus on educational theories and methodologies. The purpose of the program is to provide future teachers with a strong foundation in educational theory and practice for teaching art in the public schools. Equal emphasis is placed on acquiring artistic knowledge and techniques through a variety of lecture and studio experiences.

Students enrolled in this dual major program are expected to integrate the roles of artist and educator and may choose to apply for the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program at the end of sophomore year for more in-depth studio opportunities.

Information about this program can be obtained from:
Art Department (856) 256-4010 and the
Department of Teacher Education (856) 256-4420.

For Post-Baccalaureate endorsement in the teaching of art K-12, obtain information from (856) 256-4053.