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College of Communication & Creative Arts - Art

Rowan University

Graphic Design Specialization

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art (BFA)
Specialization in Graphic Design

David E. Vaccaro, Advisor
Westby Arts Center

A professional, studio-intensive, BFA specialization for students who wish to become graphic designers. The graphic design industry is highly competitive and broad ranging. This specialization allows Rowan University students who wish to enter the graphic design field the added advantage of demonstrating to potential employers that they have followed a sequential course of study. The curriculum consists of the seven graphic design courses offered by the Art Department and fulfills the graphic design specialization requirements. This BFA specialization provides a comprehensive education for students who are interested in entering the graphic design profession.

Graphic Design Semester Hours


Communications 9 s.h.
  • COMP 01.111 College Composition I
  • COMP 01.112 College Composition II
  • CMS 06.202 Public Speaking
Science and Mathematics - 7 s.h.
Social and Behavioral Sciences - 6 s.h.
History, Humanities and Languages - 12 s.h.

- Aesthetics/Philosophy option
Artistic and Creative Experience - 6 s.h.
Non-Program Courses - 8 s.h.


A. Foundation Core - 19.5 s.h.
  • ART 02.100 Representational Drawing
  • ART 02.110 Figure Drawing
  • ART 02.200 Expressive Drawing
  • ART 02.105 Color & Design - 2D
  • ART 02.207 Color & Design - 3D
  • ART 09.308 Color Theory
  • ART 09.101 Digital Media & Techniques
  • ART 02.222 Studio Core Portfolio Review
B. Primary Studios and Studio Choices - 33 s.h.
Primary Studio and support courses determined with academic and studio advisors. Not all courses are offered each semester.
  • ART 09.343 Introduction to Graphic Design I
  • ART 09.344 Intermediate Graphic Design II (Typography)
  • ART 09.349 Intermediate Graphic Design III (Visual Identity)
  • ART 09.350 Intermediate Graphic Design IV (Packaging) *Fall semester
  • ART 09.363 Advanced Graphic Design V (Publication) *Spring semester
  • ART 09.364 Advanced Graphic Design VI (Visual Communication)*Fall semester
  • ART 09.464 Advanced Graphic Design VIII (Portfolio) *Spring semester
Support studios include Ceramics, Computer Art, Drawing, Graphic Design, Illustration, Jewelry/Metalry, Photography, Printmaking, and Sculpture.
  • ART 09.390 Work in Progress Review 0 s.h.
  • ART 09.490 Senior Thesis/Exhibition 0 s.h.
C. Art Studio Electives - 13.5 s.h.

D. Art History - 12 s.h.
  • ARHS 03.103 Art History Survey I
  • ARHS 03.104 Art History Survey II
  • ARHS 03.205 Art History Survey III
  • Art History/Theory Choice

Program Total: 120 s.h.