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College of Communication & Creative Arts - Communication Studies

Rowan University

Communication Studies

Communication is a fundamental part of being human. It is the constructive force that enables us to form relationships, to develop creative ideas and products, and to share experience with others. The Communication Studies program at Rowan offers students breadth and depth in exploring this central and complex part of the human condition. As a communication studies student, you will engage in demanding, yet intellectually rewarding examinations of two central elements of human communication: relationships and messages.

The Communication Studies major offers flexibility in the topics students choose to study, which is well suited to today’s challenging economy, as well as to a generation that is well-known for its wide-ranging interests and abilities. Our majors take a series of core courses designed to give them a solid foundation in theories, research, and application and then choose between two specializations: Rhetoric and Cultural Criticism or Interpersonal/Organizational Communication. Like most other majors, our students are encouraged to do an internship outside the university, but they also have the opportunity to do a research practicum, working one-on-one with a favorite professor.

One of the strengths of our program is our faculty. We have a diverse group of teacher/scholars who are engaged in cutting-edge research—and incorporate that research into their classes. More importantly, we recognize that our job—first and foremost—is to teach and advise students. In the Communication Studies Department we take pride in having some of the best teachers you’ll find anywhere.