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College of Communication & Creative Arts - Communication Studies

Rowan University


Dr. Kenneth Albone, Associate Professor, Ph.D., Bowling Green State
Phone: 856-256-4500x3393

Kenneth R. Albone began his teaching career at Rowan University in the Fall of 1982. He received his Ph.D. in Speech Communication from Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio in 1982; his M.A. in Communication from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio in 1979; and his B.S. in Psychology (Speech Minor) from Lake Superior State University in Sault Ste Marie, Michigan. While at Bowling Green State, he received recognition as one of five outstanding graduate students in the College of Speech Communication during the 1981-1982 academic year, receiving a full Non-Teaching Fellowship.

Dr. Albone has taught Public Speaking, Small Group Communication, and Interpersonal Communication regularly while at Rowan, and has also taught, on occasion, Advanced Public Speaking, Rhetorical Criticism, and the new Communication Studies Research Methods course. He has also taught a variety of courses in the Public Relations Summer Graduate program, the Psychology and Philosophy/Religion departments, and the EOF program.

Dr. Albone has served on a number of College and University committees, including being chair of the University Senate Academic Policy and Procedures committee and the University Senate Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee. He has served on the 1999 ten year accreditation committee for the university, the University Assessment Committee, the subcommittee of the Board of Trustees for Academic and Student Life, an advisory member of the Learning Center, as well as other College and Departmental committees.

Dr. Albone's research areas include interpersonal communication, educational assessment, quantitative research methods, and instructional practice. He has been a contributing author to a Public Speaking Handbook, had two articles published in the Assessment Update national newsletter, has had numerous competitively selected convention papers and presentations for a variety of national and regional conventions including the American Association of Higher Education, National Communication Association, National Conference on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Eastern Communication Association, Central States Communication Association, and the Northeast Lilly Conference on Higher Education Teaching and Learning. He has attended a variety of other conferences including several Speech Communication Association Summer Conferences, Middle States Accreditation workshops, and Pedagogical workshops.

In his spare time Dr. Albone enjoys conversation, reading, walking, light exercise activities such as bowling, softball and bicycling, movies, Barnes and Noble, and surfing the web.

Dr. Lorin Basden Arnold, Dean of The College of Communication & Creative Arts, Professor, Ph.D., Purdue University
Phone: 856-256-4290

Lorin Basden Arnold came to Rowan in the fall of 1998. Previous to this position, she taught at the University of Pittsburgh, Johnstown for two years. In the years previous to that appointment, she taught at Purdue University while pursuing her graduate degrees. Dr. Arnold holds a B.A. in Communication (with a specialization in Public Relations/Issue Management), an M.A. in Communication (with specializations in Public Relations/Issue Management and Organizational Communication), and a Ph.D. in Communication (with specializations in Interpersonal Communication and Organizational Communication).

At Rowan, Dr. Arnold teaches Interpersonal Communication, Family Communication, Communicating Gender, Communication Theory, Public Speaking, and Seminar in Communication Studies. Her Seminar in Communication Studies (also known as Senior Seminar) topics have included romantic relationships, family communication, organizational communication, and friendship. Dr. Arnold has previously served as the Chairperson of the Communication Studies program and as the department's Public Speaking Course Director.

Dr. Arnold's research interests relate primarily to family communication and sex roles. In recent years, she has studied topics such as sex role narratives, communication about pregnancy, cross-sex and same-sex friendship, and family size.

Harriet Sharlow Benavidez, Instructor, M.A., University of Hawaii
Phone: 856-256-4615

Harriet Sharlow Benavidez has been teaching at Rowan since the fall of 1992. She has taught Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, and the public speaking portion of Sophomore Engineering Clinic II. Her previous college teaching experience includes positions at Brookdale Community College; Central Texas College; the University of Maryland, Asian Division; and the University of Hawaii. Mrs. Benavidez holds a BA in Education from Purdue University and an MA in Communication from the University of Hawaii.

Mrs. Benavidez has over 20 years of teaching and training experience in government, nonprofit, and corporate sectors. In addition to college teaching, she has served as a senior corporate trainer for GE Information Services and as an instructor at the Naval Air Technical Training Center Memphis in Millington, Tennessee.

One of Mrs. Benavidez's continuing interests is the role of interpersonal communication in military family life. She has designed and facilitated seminars on how to deal effectively with communication issues that arise due to a military member's frequent and prolonged absences from the family.

Dr. Joy Cypher, Associate Professor and Chair of Communication Studies, Ph.D., Purdue University
Phone: 856-256-4771

Joy Cypher is one of the Midwest transplants within the department of Communication Studies at Rowan. She received her B.A. from Loyola University Chicago in 1992 studying communication. Joy earned her M.A. in 1994 specializing in Interpersonal Communication and Organizational Communication and her Ph.D. in 1999 studying Communication Theory and Philosophies of Embodiment. Both of Dr. Cypher's graduate degrees are from Purdue.

Joy's main area of study as a professor is the intersection of embodiment and communication, with particular interest in, and commitment to, Disability Studies. Here at Rowan, Joy has taught Introduction to Communication Studies, Ethical Issues in Human Communication, Health Communication, Constructing Health, Communication Theory, Public Speaking, What's Wrong with Normal? The Body, Normalcy and Social Justice, and Senior Seminar topics on Embodiment, Language/Self/Other, and Health Communication. Dr. Cypher also is the advisor to Lambda Pi Eta, the communication national honor society of NCA.

Dr. John Feaster, Assistant Professor, Ph.D., Ohio State University
Phone: 856-256-4327                                                            Email:

John Feaster joined the Department of Communication Studies at Rowan after teaching two years at the University of Richmond. He completed his M.A. and Ph.D. in Communication Studies at Ohio State University. His teaching and research interests pertain to interpersonal communication and the roles of communication technologies in everyday life. His work has been published in regional, national, and international journals such as Communication Research, New Media & Society, and Communication Research Reports.

Dr. Julie Haynes, Associate Professor, Ph.D., Penn. State University
Phone: 856-256-4329

Julie Haynes has been teaching at Rowan since 1998. She received her B.A. in American Studies and Speech Communication from the University of Richmond, her M.A. in Speech Communication from Texas A&M University, and her PhD in Speech Communication from Penn State University.

Dr. Haynes teaches Rhetorical Criticism, Images of Gender in Popular Culture, Mass Media and Their Influences, and the Seminar in Communication Studies. Recent seminar topics have included Rhetoric of Social Protest and Rhetoric of Gender and Horror.

Her research interests include rhetorical dimensions of media and popular culture, rhetorical constructions of gender and feminist resistance rhetoric, rhetoric of social protest, and rhetoric of regional identity. Her current projects include research on rhetorical strategies of Southern suffragists and depictions of masculinity in reality television.

Dr. Maccamas Ikpah, Associate Professor, Ed. D., Oklahoma State University
Phone: 856-256-4632

Dr. Ikpah teaches Mass Media and Their Influences, Communication Studies Seminar, International Communication and Intercultural Communication. He has made extensive medial travels to China, the United Kingdom, Holland, Cameroon and Ghana.

Dr. Eleanor Lockhart, Assistant Professor, Ph.D., Texas A&M University
Phone: 856-256-4243

Dr. Lockhart is a scholar of communication, gender, and popular culture. She teaches courses in public speaking, images of gender in popular culture, and rhetorical criticism.

Dr. Lockhart's research has been published in the journal Argumentation & Advocacy and presented at regional and national conferences. Her dissertation project dealt with the performance of hegemonic masculinity in nerd/geek culture.

Pamela Marshall, Instructor and Public Speaking Course Director, M.A., Temple University
Phone: 856-256-4394

Pam Marshall is a communication scholar, with an emphasis on listening and perception. She has taught such classes as Public Speaking, Group Communication, Family Communication, Interpersonal Communication, and Organizational Communication. Her research includes her Master’s thesis on the communication satisfaction of off-site workers, as well as various studies on the listening capabilities of high-level managers.

As well as being an instructor, she is also a consultant in the corporate sector, and has conducted both research and workshops in the telecommunications field, the pharmaceutical industry, the publishing industry, and the prison systems in New Jersey.

Clara L. Popa, Associate Professor, Ph.D., Kent State University
Phone: 856-256-4245

Clara Popa joined the department in the Fall of 2004. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Bucharest in Sociology. She continued her studies at Kent State University (M.A. in Interpersonal Communication, PhD in Organizational Communication and Interpersonal Communication).

Dr. Popa teaches a variety of courses at Rowan, including Communication Theory, Research Methods, Intercultural Communication, Organizational Communication, Senior Seminar, and Public Speaking. She has also taught an Honors course on cultural clash between the Arab world and the Western world. The topics of her Senior Seminar classes have been: trust and communication and Western/Arab stereotypes and communication styles.

Dr Popa's research interests are closely related to her teaching interests. She's been studying the communicative aspects of trust in temporary groups, methodological approaches to the study of trust and communication, communication style of Arabs, and the role of values in intercultural communication. She continues to expand her research interests and tries relentlessly to persuade her students to join her.

Dr. Daniel Schowalter, Associate Professor, Ph.D., Indiana University
Phone: 856-256-4351

Dan Schowalter joined the Department of Communication Studies ecstatically in the Fall of 2002. He comes to Rowan University on a twisted path, via the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point (B.S., Psychology, Communication), the University of Arkansas (M.A., Communication), and Indiana University (Ph.D., Communication and Culture).

Dr. Schowalter teaches Mass Media and Their Influences, Rhetorical Theory, Rhetorical Criticism, and Senior Seminar.

His research interests include the intersections of rhetoric, visuality, memory and the popular imagination, with special interest in the rhetoric of documentary imagery.

Dr. Maria Simone, Associate Professor, Ph.D., Temple University
Phone: 856-256-4500 X3155

Dr. Simone teaches a collection of courses, including Participatory Media, Political Communication, Introduction to Communication Studies, and Senior Seminar. She serves as the New Media Concentration Coordinator. Her research agenda has focused on the intersections between participatory media and citizenship.

Dr. Daniel Strasser, Assistant Professor, Ph.D., Unversity of Denver                  
Phone: 856-256-4293                    

Professor Daniel S. Strasser began teaching at Rowan University in Fall 2012. He received his BA in History and Communication Arts from the College of Mount Saint Joseph, his MA in Communication Studies from Northern Kentucky University, and his PhD in Communication Studies from the University of Denver in June of 2012. Dr. Strasser’s research envelops
family, gender, and interpersonal communication. His research focuses on father-son relationships, transracially adoptive families, gay and lesbian families, male friendships, and perceptions and performances of masculinities. Dan teaches courses in Communicating Gender, Family Communication, and Communication Theory.

Dr. Edward Streb, Professor, Ph.D., Northwestern University
Phone: 856-256-4243

Ed Streb received his B.S., M.A. and Ph.D. in Communication Studies from Northwestern University. He has taught full time at the college level since 1974, first at SUNY Geneseo, and since 1979 at Glassboro/Rowan.

While he has taught a variety of subjects at Rowan, he is best known for his course in Persuasion and Social Influence. As part of the research for his course, Dr. Streb spent a day visiting the headquarters of the National Enquirer, and an entire semester working at Marvel Comics in New York City. In 2005, he became the first American educator to participate in the International Council of Shopping Center's Study Tour of U.S. Shopping Malls. His work in the area of persuasion and popular culture has been presented at numerous national conferences, covered in a variety of publications, and was featured on the nationally televised CNBC program, "Steals And Deals." His recent seminar on the shopping center industry was profiled in such publications as the Chronicle of Higher Education and Shopping Centers Today. Additionally, Streb has been a guest on numerous radio and television programs, including London's BBC Radio, discussing everything from supermarket tabloids to presidential debates.

Dr. Streb served as speech writer for former Rowan University President Herman James, as the first Chair of Rowan's Department of Communication Studies, and as President of the Rowan University Senate. Since 1993 he has been Rowan's NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative. From January 2003 until January 2004, he was President of the NCAA Faculty Athletics Representatives Association.

In addition to Persuasion and Social Influence, Dr. Streb teaches Advanced Public Speaking, Argumentation & Debate, Seminar in Communication Studies, and Rhetorical Criticism. His research focuses on the persuasive aspects of popular culture, especially shopping malls, comic books, and supermarket tabloids.