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College of Communication - New Media Minor


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New Media Minor advising sheet is available: here

REQUIRED CORE COURSES. 6 credit hours.

•Introduction to New Media (RTF 03295) 

•New Media Production (RTF 03394) 


•New Media Practicum (INTR 01490) 

ELECTIVES. 9 credit hours.

Students must take 3 elective courses, two of which must come from the following list of College of Communication Electives (see below).

Therefore students have 2 choices:

1. All three courses are taken from the list of College of Communication Electives.


2. Two courses are taken from the College of Communication Electives and one can be taken outside of the college. Electives taken outside of the College of Communication list must be approved by the New Media Minor coordinator.

College of Communication Electives

•Graphic Design & Typography (ART 09377)  

•Participatory Media (CMS 04315) 

•Mediated Interpersonal Communication (CMS 04316) 

•Digital Communities (CMS 04317) 

•Journalism Principles and Practices (JRN 02205) 

•Online Journalism I (JRN 02321) 

•Online Journalism II (JRN 02325) 

•Photojournalism (JRN 02314) 

•Media ethics (JRN 02319) 

•Media Law (JRN 02335) 

•Copyediting (JRN 02411) 

•Online Public Relations (MAPR 06515) 

•Sound Communication (RTF 03224) 

•Applied Media Aesthetics (RTF 03275) 

•New Media Production 2 (RTF 03472) 

•Writing, Research, and Technology (WA 01301) 

•Writing for the Workplace (WA 01400) 

•Writing for Electronic Communities (MAWR 01555: a graduate course that can be taken under senior privilege) 

•Information Architecture (MAWR 01564) 

•Internet and Writing Studies (MAWR 01620) 

•Visual Rhetoric and Multimodal Composition (MAWR 01621) 

•Internship (varies: all departments in the College of Communication currently offer their own section of internship) 

Non-college electives – only 1 may be taken for credit toward the minor, and must be approved by the New Media Minor Coordinator.