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College of Communication & Creative Arts - New Media Concentration


Rowan Student Work Showcased at the iDMAa Conference in Miami


Joseph Reggio, Charles Calhoun and Lindsey Evans were selected to represent Rowan University at the International Digital Media Arts Association conference in Miami Florida. Their projects were a part of the student showcase in the Ideas: A Retrospection gallery show that opened on Thursday, November 8.

iDMAa has been around for ten years and is "dedicated to serving educators, practitioners, scholars, and organizations with interests in digital media and art, by forging interdisciplinary partnerships to create opportunities and stimulate explosions of creativity."

Their projects were created in Rowan's New Media Production class and they can be seen here: iDMAa.



Occupy. is an interactive Flash documentary by Joe Reggio.  The project allows its users to take a look inside the beliefs and ideals of Occupy Philadelphia protestors.  Users can interactively listen to protestor’s responses to a series of interview questions by navigating around the main interface. Through this interaction, users ultimately are able to gain a better understanding of the Occupy movement, its goals, and what the Occupy Philadelphia encampment was like.

Producer’s Bio

Joe Reggio is a 23-year-old Rowan University alumni. He graduated Rowan in May 2012, with a degree in Radio/Television/Film and a concentration in New Media.  He has since begun to establish himself as an up-and-coming freelance videographer through his work with Philadelphia Community Access Media.


“You have had the privilege of watching a horror film, but have you ever been handed the opportunity to choose the outcome? Suddenly you wake up chained to a chair by the notorious Doctor Hugo Stiglitz. Think each option through because each move could be your last. Best of luck.”
This interactive media project started with a simple horror plot that turns to have many outcomes. Adobe Flash helped me achieve this goal by utilizing their tools to piece together this short horror film. It was filmed during a six hour shoot, edited in one week, and programmed within three weeks. Each scene was a video clip. I programmed buttons to make different outcomes, so the user would have to make decisions. The goal for this project was to have the user be in control – unlike a tradition horror film. 

Charles A. Calhoun was born August 14th, 1988 and was raised in Jackson, NJ. Ever since I was a kid, I loved watching movies and television. I decided to pursue my passion of cinematography and media at Rowan University studying Radio, Television and Film with concentration in new media. I am an amateur photographer and programmer. I am also a freelance videographer.


My name is Lindsey Evans and I am a Junior Radio, Television, Film major at Rowan University. I am heavily involved in my school's cinema workshop and television network. My project, which was inspired by a favorite song of mine, at its core explores the choice one has when love goes sour, to let it defeat you, or move on and grow from it. I put a lot of hard work into this project, and I hope it shows through.

New Media Production: Peer Review Nominations


These two projects were selected by the New Media Production as the two most effective pieces for the text/image HTML assignment.

First Choice: "The Ghost" by Lindsey Evans


Runner Up: "Invictus" by Joshua McGriff