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College of Communication - Radio, Television & Film

Rowan University College of Communication

Faculty/Student Work

Here are some of the latest projects and clips that our students and faculty have developed. This is just a small sample of the award-winning work that the Department of Radio, Television, and Film creates each year!

Excerpts from Award-Winning Documentaries
by TV Documentary Production classes (various producers)

Television Documentary Production is the capstone course in TV Production, providing students with a unique opportunity to spend the entire semester writing, producing and editing a 30-minute documentary. The video shows some of the highlights of the past few years classes; many of these documentaries have gone on to garner national recognition through critical acclaim and awards. Check back soon for the 2008 class's documentaries!

College Stories
by 2007 Sound Communication class (various producers)

College Stories is a compilation of short audio features produced for Professor Keith Brand's Sound Communication class. The four projects featured were produced by students Lisa DiMaulo, Dan Angelucci, Tina Yangello, and Steve Hanulec. This compilation won "Best Feature" at the 2008 CBI Student Production Awards. Warning: This documentary contains strong language.
Lots of Lollipops
by 2006 Film Production I class (producer Natasha Botas)

Lots of Lollipops is the story of a sweet young girl who outwits a lollipop salesman. This short black-and-white comedy was shot on 16mm film for Professor Joe Bierman's Film I class.

This short film won "Best Comedy" at the 2007 Philadelphia Student Film Festival.
Its Not OK, Speak Out
by 2007 Television Production II class (producer Cindy Lewandowski)

This mini-documentary focuses on sexual assault awareness, and was produced for Professor Diana Nicolae's TV Production II class.

This project is the 3rd place winner of Best Documentary at the 2008 Philadelphia Student Film Festival, regional winner and national finalist for the 2008 Society of Professional Journalists, and will be distributed to over 50 colleges throughout New Jersey
Rink of Fire
by 2007 TV Documentary Production classes (producer Paul Foster)

Rink of Fire is a 27-minute documentary documents the sisterhood that develops among roller derby teammates.

Rink of Fire was a winner of the 2008 Cine Golden Eagle and Best in Show at the 2008 Delaware Valley Film Festival.
by Rowan Cinema Workshop(producer Kathryn Morrison)

Scratched is a short animation following the brief and troubled moment of freedom in the life of a balloon. It was produced for Rowan's Cinema Workshop, a student organization affiliated with RTF; it was created by scratching images directly into the emulsion of the film, frame-by-frame. Scratched win 3rd place int he "Undergraduate Experimental" category of the 2008 Philadelphia Student Film Festival.
The Tell-Tale Heart (excerpt)
by Professor Joe Bierman

This is a short scene from Professor Joe Bierman's award-winning adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe's story. Produced in 1993, it was honored by Cine and screened at various festivals and symposia.
The Blob
by Professor Keith Brand

Short report featured on NPR's All Things Considered, discussing the 50th Anniversary of The Blob, one of a series of low-budget horror/sci-fi films that proliferated in the wake of the Cold War. The themes that made The Blob a hit in 1958 are still the ones that keep it in our consciousness today.
Low Power to the People
by Professor Keith Brand

This is an audio documentary focusing on the new wave of radio stations designed to serve the needs of local communities in the U.S. This audio documentary won the Best of Festival Audio Documentary award from the Broadcast Education Association's Festival of Media Arts in 2004.