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College of Communication - Radio, Television & Film

Internships - Radio/Television/Film Department

RTF Internships are NOT required for the RTF major or graduation.

Internships can be an important part of your media-related education. But, they are not for everybody. Internships place the student in a real-world work environment with all of the deadlines and pressures that are part of the business of the company. It’s exciting to be part of a media company’s day-to-day operations, but it is critical that you research potential internship sites thoroughly before you target a site and begin the application process. This page is dedicated to helping you understand the internship process so you can find the right internship for you.

Take the time to read the information available here by clicking each option. After you have done so, you should contact the RTF Department Internship Coordinator and make an appointment to discuss your plan for finding and securing an internship. The current Internship Coordinator is Diana Nicolae who can be reached at



Required Rowan Work 

Finding an Internship