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College of Communication & Creative Arts - Writing Arts

Rowan University

Scholarships and Awards


Edward Czwartacki Prize for Fiction

First Place
Fat Loser—Michael Comoroto

Second Place
Nightmare in Suburbia—Colin Boyle

Third Place
How the Seasons Changed—Stephanie Daley

Honorable Mention
Selene—Mark Ackerman
Fire Sucks—Joe Jordan

Rowan University Prize for Poetry
First Place
Tuckahoe Road—Robert Henhaffer

Second Place
Nodus Tollens—Vasiliki Dinoulis

Third Place
Gloucester County—Jennifer Martin

Honorable Mention
Doublethink—Ethan Stoetzer
Then Brutus Spoke of Honor—Joe Jordan

Pat B. Tweedie Prize for Creative Nonfiction
First Place
Eyes of the Storm—Alicia Rodriguez

Second Place
Never Ending—Susette Brooks

Third Place
Uncle Jab and the House of Pain—Daniel DeLuise

Honorable Mention
My Brother’s Ashes—Michael Comoroto
A Perfectionist’s Playbook—Liz Ditzel
Calendar—Rachel Barton
Now I Know—Nah’Ja Washington


​2016—Robert Josey
2015—Carly Szabo
2014—Rachel Mamola
2013—Cherita Harrell
2012—Christopher Cullen
2011—Amanda Haruch
2010—Katherin Fitzpatrick
2009—Ryan Kristopovich

2012 Denise Gess Literary Awards at Rowan University

The Edward J. Czwartacki Award for Short Fiction
1st - "The Incisor" - Katelyn Catinella, Class of 2012
2nd - "Cedric the Great" - Kristina Forest, Class of 2014
3rd - "The Path" - Christopher Cullen, Class of 2012
Honorable Mention
"The Cemetery Watchers" - Alex Grover, Class of 2014
"The Couch in the Basement" - Samantha Brown, second year MAW

The Pat. B. Tweedie Award for Creative Nonfiction
1st - "Atop the Camel’s Hump" - Casey Otto, Class of 2012
2nd - "The Bridge" - Lacey Bouchard, Class of 2013
3rd - "Hate Island" - Samantha Brown, second year MAW program
Honorable Mention
"The Hike" - Kayla Ewing, Class of 2013
"The Great Blue Circle" - Natalie Busarello, Class of 2013

Rowan University Prize for Poetry
1st - "Have You Seen Me?" - Joe McGee, second year MAW program
2nd - "The Devil We Know (and other Folklore from the Garden State)" -Samantha Brown, second year MAW program
3rd - "Authentic Philosophy" - Rebecca Force, second year MAW program
Honorable Mention
"Carpooling to Game Night" - Jayne Dzuback, Class of 2012
"Obsessive Love Disorder" - Regina McMenamin Lloyd, Class of 2015
"dream-walking" - Meghan O’Donnell, second year MAW program
"Resignation" - Anita Sipala, Class of 2012

2010 Denise Gess Literary Awards

The Rowan University Prize for Poetry
First Place: "Five Poems" by Steven Harbold
Second Place: "Stories I Tell Myself" by Katherin Fitzpatrick
Third Place, a three-way tie:
"In Stitches" by Kate Peterson
"The Natural World" by Ryan Wenzel
"Form Studies" by Jonathan Wood
Honorable Mentions (for individual poems)
"Phase II" by Samantha Brown
"Waves of Love" by Sarah Kasama
"Is It Better?" by Rebecca Force
"Iron Oxide" and "Personal Poem #6" by Jayne Dzuback

The Pat B. Tweedie Award for Creative Nonfiction
First Place: "Solitude" by Melanie Pauker
Second Place: "You Are a Runner, and I Am My Father’s Son" by Bill Elenbark
Third Place: "Fear and Loathing on the Road in South Jersey: The Fall of the Heads" by Justin Eric Totora
Honorable Mentions:
"Inked" by Jackie Cassidy
"The Homerun Heard Round the Neighborhood" by Steven Harbold
"Accordian Bookcases" by Sarah Kasama

The Edward J. Czwartacki Award for Fiction
First Place: "Hondo" by Jackie Cassidy
Second Place Tie: "The Prize" by Hayley Van Amburg
"Cigarettes Will Kill You" by Bill Elenbark
Third Place: "Death’s Room" by Sam Dodge
Honorable Mentions:
"Let the Gun Do the Talking" by Steve Smith
"You’ll Have to Learn to Love Me the Way I Love You" by Anthony Dragonetti

Spring 2008 Hollybush Writing Competition
First Place, Frank Paladino
Second Place, Kevin Ialeggio
Third Place, Gary Rettberg

Rowan University Literary Awards (Click on the links for .pdfs of the winning entries.)
Edward J. Czwartacki Award for Fiction

2008, First Place, "Echoes," by Bill Stewart, MAW program
Second Place, "I Need a Bike," by Joe Carlough, 2009
Third Place, tie, "Translation," by George Jacob, MAW program; "Things that Can’t be Seen," by David Brennan, MAW program
Honorable Mention, "Kuwait, Briefly," by Kamala Lane, 2008; "The Heart of the Storm," by Daniel Paganelli, 2008; "Rabbi," by Steven R. Levine, 2008

R.U. Award for Poetry
2008, First Place, "Snapshots from the Field," by Jonathan Guito, 2008
Second Place, "Poems 2008," by Katherin Fitzpatrick, 2010
Third Place, "The Homewrecker’s Handbook," by Justin Davis, 2010
Honorable Mention, individual poems, "Hunger," "Pay to Play" by Janelle Tillman, 2010; "Penny Arboretum," "Crystals," "Passion fruit," by Joe Carlough, 2009; "Brother, Sister," by David Brennan, MAW program; "Dragonflies," "Chicago," by Joan Hanna, 2009; "Feeling 'Goodness'," by Anthony Belluscio, 2009; "Finding Daddy," by Calley Steel, 2010

R.U. Award for Creative Nonfiction
2008, First Place, "Snuff," by Rebecca Bland, MAW program
Second Place, "Wonderland," by David Brennan, MAW program
Honorable Mention, "Never There," by Christina Weil, 2008; "Realization through Service," by Mike Breuning, 2011; "Holes in My Pockets," by Gabriel Arnold, 2011

Julia MacDonnell Chang
Writing Arts
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