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College of Communication & Creative Arts - Writing Arts

Rowan University

Current Writing Arts Advising Sheet for students entering the major after 9/1/2013

As a Writing Arts major, you will need to take the following required courses (prerequisites are in parentheses):

Introductory Courses
WA 07200 Introduction to Writing Arts (CCII)
WA 01201 How Writers Read (CCII), OR: CMS 04250 Communication Theory (CCII)
WA 07290 Creative Writing I (CC1), OR: WA 07309 Writing Children’s Stories (30 credits)

Advanced Courses
WA 01401 The Writer’s Mind (CCII and 45 s.h.)
WA 01301 Writing, Research, & Technology (CCII, 60 s.h. and completion of or enrollment in Introduction to Writing Arts)

Senior Capstone Courses
WA 07405 Evaluating Writing (CCII, Introduction to Writing Arts and 90 s.h.)
WA 01450 Portfolio Seminar (Writer’s Mind; Writing, Research, & Technology; and completion of OR enrollment in Evaluating Writing)

You must choose 12 credits from any of the courses listed below. If you declare and choose all 12 credits from one of the three specializations, that designation will appear on your transcript. If you declare and complete more than one specialization, you must take at least nine separate credits in the second specialization. See for advice on shaping the specialization.

Creative Writing (Code P641)
Creative Writ.1 or Writ. Children’s Stories (not one chosen in required courses)
WA 07291 Creative Writing II (Creative Writing I)
WA 07391 Fiction Writing (Creative Writing I or II)
WA 07392 Fundamentals of Playwriting (CWII or instructor permission)
WA 07395 Writing Poetry (Creative Writing I or II)
WA 01304 Creative Non-Fiction [formerly Writing with Style] (CCII, 45 credits) WA 01370 Professions in WA [1 credit] (Intro to WA and 30 credits)
WA 01409 Tutoring Writing
JRN 02332 The Publishing Industry (75 credits)
RTF 03393 Film Scenario Writing (45 credits)
Internship or Research Practicum (See

New Media Writing and Publishing (Code P642)
WA 01400 Writing for the Workplace (75 credits)
WA 01370 Professions in WA [1 credit] (Intro to WA and 30 credits)
CMS 04215 Fiction to Film (30 credits)
CMS 04315 Participatory Media (CCII)
JRN 02314 Photojournalism (45 credits)
JRN 02317 Publication Layout and Design (45 credits)
JRN 02321 Online Journalism I (JRN 02205 or PR 06301)
JRN 02332 The Publishing Industry (75 credits)
JRN 02335 Media Law (45 credits)
RTF 03275 Applied Media Aesthetics: Sight, Sound and Story (CCII and 30 credits) RTF 03295 Introduction to New Media (CCII)
Internship or Research Practicum (See

Technical and Professional Writing (Code P643)
WA 01302 WA 01370 WA 01400 WA 01409 CMS 04290 JRN 02332 JRN 02313
Intro to Technical Writing
Professions in WA [1 credit] (Intro to WA and 30 credits)
Writing for the Workplace (75 credits)
Tutoring Writing
Rhetorical Theory (CCII)
The Publishing Industry (75 credits)
Magazine Article Writing (Writer’s Mind, Intro to Journ Non-Majors, News Reporting I, or Basic PR Writing)
Introduction to New Media
Internship or Research Practicum (See

CMS 04325 Linguistics
CMS 04225 Semantics (30 s.h)
ENGL 05301 American English Grammar
ANTH 02250 Introduction to Anthropological Linguistics
Completion of second semester of 200-level foreign language
NOTE: Languages that offer this level course: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish. While the requirement is 3 credits, other courses prior to this second semester 200-level course will likely be necessary.

FREE ELECTIVES (43 credits)
NOTE 1: Nine credits must be taken in courses at the 300 level or above. Dual majors with Education use free electives to fulfill Education requirements. Stand-alone majors are encouraged to use this bank to specialize (that is, to dual major or minor, or complete a concentration and/or related series of courses).
NOTE 2: If all of the free electives are three credits and the lab science is four credits, one additional credit is needed in Free Electives either through a one-credit courses (Professions in Writing Arts, for example), an additional three-credit course, etc.

Total Hours Required for Graduation in the Major = 77 credits

Other Department of Writing Arts Requirements

Total of 3 Math/Science courses

Total of 4 History, Humanities & Language courses, one of which must be a history or a philosophy course.

Total of 4 Social and Behavioral Science courses, one of which must be a sociology course and one of which must be a psychology course.

NOTE: All but one of these requirements can be completed by distributing them among the General Education/non-program elective requirements. One free elective slot needs to be used to fulfill the final one.