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2014 Denise Gess Literary Awards at Rowan University

The Pat B. Tweedie Award for Nonfiction

First Place: Ojas Patel, ’14, “Your New Face”
Second Place: Joe DiCarlo, ’14, “Six Days in the Absence of Life”
Third Place: Alfred J. Dansbury, Sr., COGS, “Making Do”

Honorable Mention:
Carol Magrino, MAW, “Subscribing”

The Edward Czwartacki Award for Fiction

First Place: Katelyn Sullivan, ’15, “Harlequin”
Second Place: Regina McMenamin-Lloyd, ’15, “The Scarlett Splinter”
Third Place: Kristina Forest, ’14, “As of Yet…”

The Rowan University Prize for Poetry (for collections)

First place: Joe Jordan, ’17, “Observations and a Cozy Chair”
Second Place: Stephanie Kohler, ’14, “Stuck on the Cusp”
Third Place: Regina McMenamin-Lloyd, ’15, “Nostaligia Poetry”

Honorable Mention (for individual poems):
Ojas Patel, ’14, “How to Make Samosas”; “Mom’s Grief Upon a Return to India”
Dave Vogtman, ’15, “Dishonest Abe”
Ethan Stoetzer, ’16, “The Killing Tree”
Daniel DeLuise, ’16, “Afterlife”
Laurie Toich, ’15, “How to Be a Good Parent”
Vincent Lanni, ’14, “Write in Color”



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