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College of Communication & Creative Arts - Writing Arts

Rowan University

For the complete Writing Arts advising sheet, return to the Undergraduate Programs page.

As a Writing Arts major, you will need to take the following required courses (prerequisites are in parentheses):

Introductory Courses
WA 07200 Introduction to Writing Arts (CCII)
CMS 04250 Communication Theory (CCII)

Advanced Courses
WA 01401 The Writer’s Mind (CCII and 45 s.h.)
WA 01301 Writing, Research, & Technology (CCII, 60 s.h. and completion of or enrollment in Introduction to Writing Arts)

Senior Capstone Courses
WA 07405 Evaluating Writing (CCII, Introduction to Writing Arts and 90 s.h.)
WA 01450 Portfolio Seminar (Writer’s Mind; Writing, Research, & Technology; and completion of OR enrollment in Evaluating Writing)

Among the banks of Related Electives, you will also need to take:

• one course in Elements of Language
• one course in Creative Writing
• one course in Writing in the Professions
• AND two additional courses either in Creative Writing or Writing in the Professions

While you should design your coursework in consultation with your advisor and you may take any course within a bank, if you were to take only one course in the following banks, you might consider:

Elements of Language Bank

• CMS 04325 Linguistics
• ENGL 02301 American English Grammar

Each of these courses exposes students to language but in different ways. Linguistics explores the linguistic universals found in all languages and often covers first-language acquisition in children, as well. American English Grammar provides practical understanding of grammar through hands-on exercises and applications.

Creative Writing Bank

• CRWR 07290 Creative Writing I (CC1)
• CRWR 07309 Writing Children’s Stories (30 s.h.)

Both courses are on the introductory level. While the genre of children’s stories has a direct relevance to the work of early childhood and elementary teachers, Creative Writing I is also a good choice because it focuses on creative writing strategies that can be applied to multiple genres on different levels.

Writing in the Professions Bank

• WA 01400 Writing for the Workplace (CCII, 75 s.h.)
• WA 07410 Tutoring Writing
• JRN 02317 Publication Layout and Design (45 s.h.)

Tutoring Writing is directly related to work as a teacher by focusing on working one-on-one with writers. Writing for the Workplace provides information and practice for your future career. Publication Layout and Design teaches practical information concerning how to create online and printed publications.