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College of Communication & Creative Arts - Writing Arts

Rowan University

The Seven Core Values of the First Year Writing Program

The core values of the Rowan University First-Year Writing (FYW) program, developed by the General Education Subcommittee of the Department of Writing Arts over a period of two years, represent specific goals and outcomes statements for First-Year Writing Program courses: Foundations for College Writing, College Composition I and Integrated College Composition I, and College Composition II. Students present portfolios at the end of each semester, and these allow us to evaluate student progress based on these goals and outcomes statements. Upon completion of the First-Year Writing Program course sequence, students will fully understand the seven core values.

Core Value I
Understand that writing is a multi-stage, recursive, and social process.

College-level writing requires time for information gathering, development, organization, expression, and reflection. Writers should seek feedback from other readers and revise their work in response to that feedback.

Core Value II
Understand that audience, purpose, and context shape writing.

College-level writing should have an authentic message. Writers should make choices in their writing to communicate their message effectively.

Core Value III
Understand how texts represent meaning and how the processes of writing and reading create and interpret meaning.

College-level writing involves complex rhetorical and textual strategies. Writers should be able to analyze texts and explain what they mean and how they achieve their meaning.

Core Value IV
Understand the convention of academic writing and standard written English and the contexts in which adherence to these standards is expected.

College-level writing is formal and well edited. Writers may sometimes depart from the academic style, but they should have a specific reason for choosing to do so.

Core Value V
Understand the role and use of information in writing

College-level writing draws upon and values the expertise of others. Writers evaluate the quality of this information and actively interpret it based on their own knowledge and experience.

Core Value VI
Understand the principles and practices of academic honesty.

College-level writing acknowledges the work of others as their intellectual property. Writers always attribute ideas or information to their sources and clearly distinguish this material from their own observations and interpretations.

Core Value VII
Understand the power and ethical responsibility that come with the creation of written discourse.

College-level writing addresses serious and complex topics. Writers strive to be perceptive, credible and respectful in their views.