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Instructors’ Commonly Asked Questions Concerning Portfolio Seminar

The Portfolio Seminar webpage, which is cited often below, is found at:


1. How do I find out which of my advisees is registered for Portfolio Seminar (PS)?
I send out the list of students taking PS to advisors at the beginning of the semester. If you don’t have any advisees taking PS during a particular semester, you will not receive the list. If you still aren’t sure, email me and I’ll let you know.

2. What if I haven’t ever seen my advisee before?
Students have been instructed that they are to meet with their advisors within the first few weeks during Portfolio Seminar if they (1) have never met their advisor or (2) need to make special arrangements due to circumstances that might affect when they complete the analysis statement, such as taking Evaluating Writing simultaneously with Portfolio Seminar.

We are getting more and more Liberal Studies majors and minors. These people generally don’t require a lot of advising (Liberal Studies has a professional advisee assigned to them). However, they do need a reader for their portfolio, so you may be assigned a student you haven’t seen before at the last minute.


3. What are my responsibilities as advisor?
One thing you do not have to do is hunt down your advisees who are taking PS! I have made it clear that this course operates much like an independent study and that they are to seek you out, not vice versa.

Your responsibilities are to:

• Provide feedback on three core values if a student gets a draft to you by week 8 of the semester. Please provide this feedback quickly! Students are waiting on this so they can continue working on the rest of the values.

If you receive this material after week 8, you are under no obligation to provide any feedback but may do so if you choose.

• Once the portfolio is completed and turned in and you are invited to view it on Blackboard, use the rubric found elsewhere on this site to:

o check the number and distribution of items included in the portfolio
o read and evaluate the final version of the analysis statement based on the rubric
o return the filled-in rubric to Tweedie and the student electronically, suggesting a grade for the analysis statement

We have tried to make the process as simple as possible, so please do not add +’s or –‘s to the grade.

In most cases I will honor the grade and simply input it. However, part of PS requires students to participate in electronic peer editing on their analysis statements after they get feedback from you and complete their discussion of all 9 values. If a student doesn’t participate, her/his grade gets lowered one-third.

4. How do I view a student’s portfolio?
Once your advisee is ready, s/he will invite you to view the portfolio via Blackboard. When you log in, you can find the portfolio under the Portfolio tab near the top of the main page.

5. How do I evaluate the portfolio?
The rubric can be found on the Portfolio Seminar page listed above.

Due Dates

6. When does this all take place during the semester?
Most dates are flexible. The Portfolio Seminar checklist (elsewhere on this site) shows the general order students must accomplish tasks.

The only firm dates are:

• As mentioned in the second bullet of #3 above, you are only required to provide feedback to three values of the Analysis Statement if the student has given it to you prior to the end of Week 8 of the semester.
• I need all grades prior to the last day grades are due for the University (five business days after the end of classes). Since no grades can be left blank, I must do them all at once!

7. What if I don’t get my assessment submitted to the coordinator on time?
Your student will receive an Incomplete for PS. This has several consequences:

• The student may not graduate if this is his/her last semester. And Education students might be dropped from courses they have enrolled in.
• I ask you to fill out an incomplete grade request, found at (requires login) and send it to me.
• As I am the instructor of record, I will then submit the form to the Registrar’s office to make the grade change once you provide it to me.