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College of Communication & Creative Arts

Rowan University College of Communication & Creative Arts

Current News & Upcoming Events

The College of Communication and Creative Arts is celebrating over 50 years of excellence in providind quality, affordable, accessible education that enables our students and alumni to contribute to cultural and economic growth in the area and around the world. Throughout Academic Year of 2016-17 we will host and facilitate over 50 events and a launch a series of new programs.
Please join us!

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December 2016

Congratulations to Associate Professor Jonathan Olshefski whose documentary The Quest will premier at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival. See more details here.

January 2017

Jan. 4, 1pm: New Student Orientation. Welcome to Rowan University!

February 2017

March 2017

April 2017

4/1 CCCA 50+ Celebration Day
Where: Eynon Ballroom, Student Center
11am-2pm Student Awards and Showcase
2:30-6:00pm Career Expo
6:30-9:30pm CCCA 50+ Banquet

May 2017

5/10 CCCA Commencement
Where: University Green
When: May 10 at 10am

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Event Archive, Fall 2016

September 2016

9/15 A Sharp Divide. Racial and cultural disparities within our criminal justice system.
Artist presentation and panel discussion. Opening: Thr. Sept. 15, 5:30-7:00pm, Eynon Ballroom. Showing: 7-8:30pm, Rowan U. Art Gallery, 301 W High St.

9/19 Skype call with Nick Willey, Event Manager, Walt Disney World. Host: Public Relations & Advertising Dept. & Rowan Art Gallery. When: Mon. Sept. 19, 11am. Where: Rowan Art Gallery, 301 W High St.

9/20 Rowan Ad Dynamics. When: Tue. Sept. 20, 8pm. Where: 301 High St., Rm. 305. Open to all majors! Focus: 2017 AAF-NSAC Student Competition. Corporate sponsor: Tai Pei Frozen Asian Entrees and Appetizers

9/21 Rowan Ad Club Meeting. When: Sept. 21, 6:30-7:30pm. Where: Student Center, Rm. 221C

9/22 Exploratory Studies Workshop. When: Sept. 22, 12:30pm. Where: Wilson Hall, Rm. 101. Open to all majors!

9/22 Book reading: The Carpenter’s Lament in Winter. Guest speaker: Toni Libro (B.A. ’60, M.A. ’67), founding Dean of the College of Communication (1996-2001). When: Wed., Sept. 22, 5:30pm. Where: Barnes & Noble, Rowan Blvd.

9/28 An illustration class with Amy Smyth, of Guest: Amy Smyth. When: Sept. 28, 11:00am and Thr. Sept. 29, 9:30am. Where: Westby 218. If you are not already enrolled in the class, request permission to attend from Prof. Nancy Ohanian

9/28 The Power and Influence of Contemporary Visual Imagery. Get Out the Vote + Political Art. Speaker: Prof. Nancy Ohanian, Art Dept. When: Wed. Sept. 28, 8pm. Where: Westby 111

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October 2016

10/3 Propaganda Posters as the Visual Voice of WWI and WWII.
Speaker: Prof. Jan Conradi, Art Dept.
When: Mon. Oct. 3, 8pm
Where: Westby 111

10/7 Movie screening. QUEST: The Fury and the Sound. A portrait of an American Family
Host: Prof. Jon Olshefski, RTF Dept.
When: Fri., Oct. 7, 6-10pm
Where: Circle of Hope Gallery. 2007 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia PA

10/8 Rowan University Homecoming 2016—PROFlympics Tailgate
When: Sat. Oct. 8, 11am-2pm
Where: Richard Wackar Stadium, Parking lot C

10/13-16 Literature Film Association Conference. Theme: Alternate Worlds.
Contact: Prof. Sheri Chinen-Biesen, RTF Dept.
When: Oct. 13-16
Where: Main Campus, various locations. See event signage in Bozorth Hall.
Participation restricted to registered attendants.

10/19 Book signing and conversation with Robert Strauss, author of "Worst. President. Ever."
Where: Barnes & Noble Campus Bookstore
When: Wed., Oct. 19, 6:30pm
Open to: all majors, as well as Rowan University neighbors and friends

10/20 Reading: Glasswork Literary Journal
Where: Rowan Art Gallery, 301 W High St.
When: 6:30pm
Open to: all majors, as well as Rowan University neighbors and friends

10/26 My Dyslexia. A presentation by Philip Schultz, Pulitzer Prize Poet winner
When: Oct. 26, 2-3pm.
Where: Student Center, Eynon Ballroom.
Open to: all majors

10/31 The Future of Sports Media, with Tom Stathakes, Senior VP of Production and Programming, NBC Sports Regional Network
When: Mon. Oct. 31, 9:30am
Where: Student Center, Rm. 127
Open to: all majors, as well as Rowan University neighbors and friends

November 2016

11/1 Alumni Networking & Career Event
Host: Dept. of Communication Studies
When: Nov. 1st, 6:30-9:30pm
Where: Shpeen Hall
Open to: CCCA students
Contact: Maria Simone, Chair

11/2 DinoArt: Paleontological Illustration & Exhibition Design
Guest presenters: Bob Walters & Tess Kissinger
Host: Dept. of Art
When: Nov. 2, 11:30-12:45pm
Where: Westby PC Lab 216
RSVP to Prof. Amanda Almon

11/10-11 CCCA Open Doors
Tour Rowan University's College of Communication and Creative Arts (at least five buildings!)
Guest-attend one or more upper-evel major-restricted classes: all the fun and none of the graded work! of being a major.
Open to: current high school students, prospective transfer students, and current Rowan students in other major or undecided.

Pictures from the 2014 CCCA Student Showcase

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