Bunce Hall
Asian Concentration


The Asian Studies concentration is an interdisciplinary program available to students of all majors.  Established in fall 1997, the program aims to increase the students' knowledge of Asian culture and practices.   It provides the students with skills for career development and a new understanding of the world from a global perspective.

In recent years, the phenomenal economic success in many Asian countries, and the global repercussions of the economic downturn, have demonstrated Asia’s importance in world economy and politics.  It is imperative that students acquire some knowledge of Asian culture and understand Asia's role in the global market.  Also, the increase of Asian immigrants in the country and the Asian-American students on the campus have made it necessary for students to develop a cross-cultural understanding.  The study of Asian culture is thus valuable for all students working toward degrees at Rowan University.

Please check the links for more information, or contact the coordinator, Dr. Q. Edward Wang, at: wangq@rowan.edu.