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Asian Concentration

Course Requirements

Students are required to complete a total of 18 credit hours of courses in the three categories listed below:  "required courses," "core courses," and "elective courses." The concentration may be pursued in conjunction with any major program; it may also be integrated with general education requirements. Students are encouraged to select those courses that develop interdisciplinary perspectives.

Knowledge of Asian language(s) is strongly recommended, as well as exposures to Asian culture through traveling, communication, and study abroad. Students, who are interested in studying in Asia, should contact the Coordinator of Asian Studies, Dr. Q. Edward Wang at extension 3990 or the Coordinator of International Center, Dr. Edward Smith at extension 4105.

Students who succeed in completing the program will have the concentration acknowledged on their graduation transcripts.

1. Required Courses (3 credits)

These courses aim to provide a comprehensive overview of Asian civilization.  “Readings in Asian Literature” covers major works in Chinese, Japanese, and Indian Literature and equips students with a basic knowledge of the Asian cultural tradition. “Introduction to Asian Political Systems” compares the genesis and development of governments in east, south, and Southeast Asian countries. “Gateway to Asia” is an introductory course to major areas and approaches of Asian Studies. 

4901.136   Gateway to Asia (Freshman Seminar)

1502.112   Readings in Asian Literature

2207.240   Introduction to Asian Political Systems

2. Core Courses (9 credits)

1509.330  Asian Thought

2205.354  Chinese Cultural History

1107.101  Elementary Chinese I (Fall)

1107.102  Elementary Chinese II (Spring)

08.101 Elementary Japanese I

08.102 Elementary Japanese II

2206.343 Geography of Asia

1107.201  Intermediate Chinese I (Fall)

1107.211  Intermediate Chinese II (Spring)

1510.220  Introduction to Buddhism

08.201 Intermediate Japanese I

08.211 Intermediate Japanese II

2205.251  Modern China

2205.536  Modern Japan

1510.230  Religions of Asia

1003.401  Survey of Asian Art

3. Elective Courses (6 credits)

2202.350  Comparative Cultures

2208.002  Comparative Education

2207.230  Comparative Political Systems

2204.320  Contemporary Economic Systems

1007.440  Contemporary World Theatre

2207.231  Contemporary World Problems

2202.420  Culture and Personality

2204.310  Global Economics

0808.130  Human Exceptionality

2205.441  Imperialism and Colonialism

2204.310  International Economics

0504.320  International Finance

0509.379  International Marketing

2207.421  International Organizations

2207.320  International Relations

2202.202  Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

0506.330  Managing International Business

1006.447  Music In World Cultures I:  Asia and Oceania

1006.448  Music In World Cultures II: Africa, India, Near & Middle East

2202.370 Peasant Societies and Cultures of the World

2105.330 Problems of World Justice

1502.116  Readings in World Literature

1510.200  Religions of the World

2208.222  Social Problems

2208.220  The Sociology of the Family

2215.322  The Sociology of Population

1008.146  World Dance Forms

2205.120  World History since 1550

4901.130  Women in Perspective

2206.111  World Regional Geography