International Studies

International Studies Concentration

The International Studies program at Rowan is designed to prepare students to live and develop their careers in an increasingly interdependent world. We are now living in a "Global Village". Whether you work for the private sector or government, an American company or multinational, there is no escape from the reality of international interdependence. In this global economy, nearly every job you may choose has an international facet.

To prosper in this increasingly international era, it is imperative that students become familiar with various aspects of global, economic, political, cultural, and environmental interdependence. Students should work to increase their knowledge of global issues and international relations, institutions, and economies; they should attempt to develop expertise in the languages, history, and cultures of other parts of the world. International education can be a valuable and marketable skill for all students working towards degrees at Rowan.

Coordinator: Dr. Corinne Blake