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College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Urban Studies

As more and more of the Earth’s population live in cities, understanding the implications of urban living as it affects the quality of human life comes to the forefront as a matter of vital importance.  At the time of the first Census of the United States in 1790, only five percent of the United States population lived in cities.  Since that time the urban proportion of the population has increased inexorably until now eight in ten Americans lives in cities.  In these matters, New Jersey leads the way as we are the most highly urbanized and most densely populated state in the United States. For residents of our state understanding cities and urbanism and the solution of problems that occur in cities is vital to improving the quality of our lives.

The urban studies concentration is an interdisciplinary program open to all majors that enables students to enrich their understanding of cities and urbanism by examining urban phenomena from a variety of disciplinary viewpoints. To complete the program, students take a total of 21 credits comprised of a set of three core courses selected from economics, geography, history, political science and sociology and four additional courses from a set of disciplinary clusters outlined in the curriculum guide.  This program should be of interest to students who seek careers in urban and regional planning, public administration or urban education.  View the curriculum guide for this program.

Students interested in cities and the cultural, historical, social and economic issues implied by urban living and urbanization might also be interested in pursuing the Urban Studies Program Sequence B as part of the Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies: Humanities / Social Science Bachelor of Arts Program.  This sequence requires students to follow a 18 s.h. program of introductory, advanced and senior level requirements.  This sequence is available only to students pursuing the Liberal Studies: Humanities/Social Science degree program.  View the curriculum guide for this program.

View the complete listing of the requirements for the Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies: Humanities / Social Science Program.