Women's and Gender Studies
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Students are required to take 18 credits of Women's and Gender Studies courses, including the core course, "Women and Gender in Perspective"/Fifteen of these eighteen credits must be selected from the first and second tier courses (see listing below). Courses should be optimally be taken in a sequence from general introductory courses to more specialized, upper division courses.

The mandatory "Women and Gender in Perspective" course serves as a basis for building critical understanding and reflective analysis. It provides an opportunity to broaden one's perspective on issues and possibilities within the study of women and gender.

Students interested in taking a particular course in Women's and Gender Studies or pursuing a concentration are encouraged to visit or call the Office of Women's and Gender Studies for further information and advisement. The Office of Women's and Gender Studies publishes a list of eligible courses offered each semester. Women's and Gender Studies courses provide an opportunity for intensive study and in-depth analysis. Many Women's and Gender Studies courses fit the global/multicultural designation. Interested students should contact the Women's and Gender Studies Office to declare a concentration in Women's and Gender Studies.

Each student enrolled in the Women’s and Gender Studies Concentration is required to complete 18 credit hours of Women’s and Gender Studies courses. They must take:

  • the core course, Women and Gender in Perspective (INTR 01.130); and
  • fifteen (15) credits of approved Women’s Studies courses (ranked First and Second Tier), of which nine (9) credits must be from the First Tier.

Required core course (3 credits)
INTR 01.130 Women and Gender in Perspective

First Tier (minimum of three courses [9 credits] required)
ANTH 02.322 Sex and Sex Roles in a Cross Cultural Perspective
ARHS 03.230 Survey of Women Artists
CMS 01.318  Communicating Gender
CMS 01.323  Images of Gender in Popular Culture
ECON 04.225 Women in the Economy
ENGL 02.200 Women in Literature
HIST 05.417 Women in Islam
HIST 05.418 Women in Europe to 1700
HIST 05.419 Women in Modern Europe
HIST 05.422 Women in American History
HIST 05.425 History of Feminisms
HIST 05.429 Pro-seminar in History: Women in African History
HIST 05.455 Gender, Sexuality and History
INTR 01.200 Issues in Women’s Health
INTR 01.430 Women, Sex, and Power: A Capstone Seminar in Women’s Studies
LAWJ 05.346 Women, Crime and Criminal Justice
PHIL 09.328 Philosophy and Gender
PHIL 09.346 Feminist Ethics
POSC 07.311 Women in American Politics
PSY 01.200   Psychology of Women and Cultural Experience
PSY 05.217   Psychology of Gender and Alcoholism/Drug Abuse
RTF 03.272   Images of Women in Film
SOC 08.370  Sociology of Women in Society
SOC 08.440  Selected Topics in Sociology: Men and Masculinity
SOC 08.493  Seminar on Gender Roles
HONR 05.114 Women Artists in the Age of Enlightenment
Selected Topics courses in various disciplines (see the Coordinator of the Program for more information)

Second Tier (maximum of two courses [6 credits] counted)
ENGL 02.205 Adolescent Literature
ENGL 02.216 African American Literature through Harlem Renaissance
ENGL 02.316 African American Literature since Harlem Renaissance
HIST 05.408 Chinese Cultural History
HIST 05.429 Proseminar in History: History of Witchcraft
INTR 01.158 From Nancy Drew to Lara Croft: Historical and Critical Dimensions of the Female Detective Genre
PSY 05.310   Psychology of Human Sexuality
SOC 08.220  Sociology of the Family
SOC 08.399  Sociology of the Holocaust

For more information or questions speak with your academic advisor or email to: RowanWGS@rowan.edu