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Exploratory Studies

Rowan University

Exploratory Studies Services

Many freshmen feel pressured to choose a major as soon as they arrive on campus. But choosing a major too soon may prevent students from exploring their interests and possibilities that would fit into their personal profiles. A choice made too quickly could make it necessary to change majors later on, sometimes several times. 

Exploratory Studies staff are here to help you find the resources and information to help you find your major. Email us at And watch for special programs on this web site.

Exploratory Studies Program (ESP) Workshop

ESP Workshop is a co-curricular experience designed for all new students in the Exploratory Studies Program. Students learn how to explore careers and how to choose and register for courses. You can meet representatives from academic programs to get your questions answered.

ESP students also have the opportunity to earn Registration Express, a privilege that allows you to register for your spring courses one week earlier than other freshmen – with the sophomores.

ESP Workshop Schedule

Advising Services