Foreign Languages and Literatures


FREN 02.100 - 3 s.h.
Masterpieces of French Literature in English Translation (LIT)
(Note: This course is taught entirely in English and there are no prerequisites.) This course introduces students to the reading of French literary works in English translation. Students acquire a vocabulary of basic critical terms necessary for the discussion and analysis of narrative works, poetry and theatrical texts. Through close reading of several texts per genre, students develop critical thinking skills and improve expository speaking and writing skills.

FREN 02.101 & FREN 02.102 - 3 s.h. each
Elementary French I and II
This is a beginning course in French for students who have not previously studied French. This course covers the mechanics of the French language including intensive practice in listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing.

FREN 02.201 & FREN 02.211 - 3 s.h. each
Intermediate French I and II
This course is open to students who have had some limited contact with the French language. It offers expanded practice in speaking, reading and writing.

FREN 02.205 - 3 s.h.
Oral French
An intermediate level conversation course which develops a broad range of active vocabulary as well as verbal patterns leading to greater facility in manipulating the spoken language.

FREN 02.212 - 3 s.h.
French Reading and Composition
This course offers a broad grammar review based on readings, practical use of the language, written compositions and dictations.

FREN 02.300 - 3 s.h.
French Phonetics
This course provides a scientific study of French based upon the international phonetic system. It emphasizes diction and phonetic transcription and the correction of individual problems in pronunciation.

FREN 02.311 - 3 s.h.
Advanced French Conversation
This course provides practice in speaking French at conversational speed. It emphasizes clarity and fluency of expression. Classes include discussions in French on topics of contemporary interest. The class uses both formal and informal methods to broaden students' vocabulary and enhance their speaking skills.

FREN 02.315 - 3 s.h.
Introduction to French Literature
This course presents selected representative works of French literature within their social and cultural setting from the Middle Ages to the 19th century in the original French. The course enhances reading, speaking, and writing proficiency through literature.

FREN 02.320 - 3 s.h.
French Civilization and Culture
This course provides students with a more profound insight into the varied aspects of contemporary France, its civilization and culture.

FREN 02.324 - 3 s.h.
Appreciation of French Literature
This course introduces students to the reading of French literary texts. Students acquire a vocabulary of basic critical terms necessary for the discussion and analysis of narrative works, poetry and theatrical texts. Through close reading of at least one text per genre, students develop critical approaches with emphasis on the Explication de Texte method.

FREN 02.325 - 3 s.h.
Readings in Contemporary French Literature
This course deals with the main currents shaping contemporary French literature. It selects readings which best bring into focus the characteristics of the time. It emphasizes reading as communication, with analysis and practice of the techniques of effective reading in French.

FREN 02.326 - 3 s.h.
The French Novel
This course consists of an analysis of the French novel from the beginning to the present day. Students read and discuss selected major works.

FREN 02.400 - 3 s.h.
History of the French Language
This course gives students an overview of the historical evolution of French from its Latin roots to present-day varieties spoken in France and the Francophone cultures. It provides an introduction to the science of linguistics.

FREN 02.410 - 3 s.h.
Advanced French Composition
This course provides a systematic study of the problems of translation and of the practical application of written patterns, thus encouraging greater command of writing skills. It gives considerable attention to stylistics.

FREN 02.420 - 3 s.h.
Evolution of French Civilization
This course surveys French history, art and social institutions as well as the contributions of France to Western Civilization.

FREN 02.421 - 3 s.h.
The French Short Story
This course analyzes the French short story in its various aspects. It studies in detail selected works of major authors in the genre.

FREN 02.435 - up to 8 s.h.
Individual Study (French)
Students may contract with an instructor to be examined on assigned readings in various areas of French literature. Non-minors may do the readings in translation; French minors must do the readings in French. No more than 3 semester hours may be taken in any one semester.

FREN 02.499 - 3 s.h.
Study Abroad (1-6 s.h.)
The Department encourages students to study abroad. It cautions students to consult with their departmental advisers before undertaking study abroad. For further information, students should consult the department.