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CLASnotes - Winter 2005
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CLEP Examination in German
German Minor
Courses in German

CLEP Examination in German

Course credit requirements for Elementary German I and II (max. 6 s.h.) may be fulfilled by successfully passing the CLEP Exam for German. For more information concerning the CLEP Exam, contact Mark Matalucci at in the Center for Academic Success in Savitz Hall.

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German Minor

German Minor PDF

The German Minor is an intensive program of study which offers courses in German language, civilization and culture. This 18-hour minor is open to all students and is of particular benefit to those majoring in the sciences, mathematics, music, economics, business or education. It is also useful to students interested in pursuing International Studies or a career where knowledge of a second language is desirable. Previous high school preparation in the language is desirable but not required.

German Language Minor ..................................18 s.h.
GERM 03.101 Elementary German I
GERM 03.102 Elementary German II
GERM 03.201 Intermediate German I
GERM 03.211 Intermediate German II
Any two upper level courses offered in German

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Courses in German

GERM 03.101 & GERM 03.102 - 3 s.h. each
Elementary German I and II
This beginning course is open to students who have not previously studied German. This course covers mechanics of the language, including intensive practice in listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing.

GERM 03.201 & GERM 03.211 - 3 s.h. each
Intermediate German I and II
This course is open to students who have had some limited contact with the German language. It offers expanded practice in listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing.

GERM 03.212 - 3 s.h.
German Reading and Composition
This course offers a broad grammar review based on readings, practical use of the language, written compositions and dictations.

GERM 03.311 - 3 s.h.
Advanced German Conversation
This advanced conversation course uses topics from the contemporary German press. It emphasizes clarity and fluency of expression and includes discussions in German on topics of contemporary interest which lead to the active expansion of vocabulary.

GERM 03.320 - 3 s.h.
German Civilization and Culture
This course surveys German history, arts and social institutions as well as Germany's contributions to Western civilization.

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