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Faculty and Staff

Rowan University has a diverse and international faculty, all of whom hold a Ph.D. and have earned recognition for their teaching and published work. The faculty is active in Spanish, French, Italian and German professional and community organizations. Majors and Minors receive a considerable amount of individual attention and faculty advisement which is only possible in a small department where faculty members care about student progress. The faculty listed below are active and are currently teaching this semester.


Dr. Marilyn S. Manley ('04)
Read Biography / View Web Site
Associate Professor
B.A., Boston University
M.A., Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh
856-256-4500 x3466

Dr. Laurie Kaplis-Hohwald ('94)
Read Biography / View Web Site
Associate Professor
B.A., Queens College
M.A., Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
856-256-4500 x3470

Dr. Roberto R. Madero ('01) View Web Site
Associate Professor
License d'Histoire, Paris VII
M.A., Ph.D., Princeton University
856-256-4500 x3469

Esther Mas Serna ('13)
Instructor of Spanish, Applied Spanish
Placement and Spanish Sequence Coordinator
B.A., Escuela de Turismo de Murcia, Spain
B.A., Rowan University
M.A., Centro de Lenguas Modernas, Universidad de Granada
856-256-4500 x3467

Dr. Edward C. Smith III ('92) Read Biography
Associate Professor
B.A., Rutgers University
M.Phil., New York University
Ph.D., New York University
856-256-4500 x3472

Dr. Sonia B. Spencer ('90)
Associate Professor
B.A., Hunter College
M.A., Pennsylvania State University
Ph.D., Duke University
Bunce Hall 307

Spanish Adjunct Instructors:

Jose Almanza
856-256-4500 x3232

Lynda Clark
856-256-4500 x3232

Maria Cruz
856-256-4500 x3232

Gloria de la Rosa
856-256-4500 x3232

Margaret McMonigle-Caprara
856-256-4500 x3232

Abner Mendoza
856-256-4500 x3232

Cathy Moncrief
856-256-4500 x3232

Jeffrey Munsick
856-256-4500 x3232

Lorena Santos-Quiñones
856-256-4500 x3465

French Adjunct Instructors:

Karen Breen-Davis
856-256-4500 x3232

Janet Fishman
856-256-4500 x3232

Margaret McMonigle-Caprara
856-256-4500 x3232

Arabic Adjunct Instructor:

Hanan Abouelsaadate
856-256-4500 x3232

Chinese Adjunct Instructors:

Ai Guo Han


German Adjunct Instructors:

Jesse Orlando
856-256-4500 x3232

Italian Adjunct Instructors:

Joseph Poma
856-256-4500 x3232

Annalisa Russo
856-256-4500 x3232

Japanese Adjunct Instructors:

Chie Matsumura Dusk
856-256-4500 x3232

Hiroko Ishikawa
856-256-4500 x3232

Latin Adjunct Instructor:

Kristen Masters
856-256-4500 x3232

Department Secretary:

Kathleen M. Taddei

Language Lab Supervisor:

Elaine Brigandi