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Scholarship opportunities

Erika Freiberger Memorial Scholarship for Foreign Language Students

In accord with the wide-ranging interests and pursuits of the late Dr. Erika Freiberger, the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures has instituted the Erika Freiberger Memorial Scholarship. This award is intended to assist qualified students to take advantage of the opportunities available for foreign study. Its purpose is to serve students in their desire to improve their language skills and increase their knowledge and awareness of the culture they are studying.

Download the application in PDF format.

More scholarships are listed on the International Center's homepage:


The Josefina and Enrique Pujals Study Abroad Scholarship Fund

This is a scholarship that was founded (Spring 2009) and was awarded for the first time on October 12, 2012.  It will be awarded every 2 years for those wishing to study abroad.  Schlolarship applications are available in the Foreign Languages and Literatures office, Bunce 305, or you can download the application by clicking on the link found below.

This scholarship is to honor Dr. Josefina Pujals and Dr. Enrique Pujals for their dedication, devotion and instrumental role in the advisement and education of countless numbers of Rowan University Spanish Majors over three decades. In particular, it pays tribute to the warmness with which they interacted with students and the hearts they touched both in the classroom and out.  This scholarship will assist and encourage qualified Spanish majors to take advantage of the innumerable Study Abroad opportunities available to them in Latin America, homeland of the Pujals and cultural heritage to many Rowan students as well as to the surrounding general population.   Its purpose is to serve Spanish Majors in their desire to improve their language skills, to increase their knowledge and awareness of other peoples and cultures and to broaden their world vision through exposure to the larger culture of Hispanic study and thought.

Endowment - $ 10, 000
Amount awarded to recipient - $1,000
Frequency of  award - Once every 2 years

  • Study previously-approved courses* taught in Spanish in a Latin American country whose official language is Spanish
  • Have an overall 3.0 gpa with a 3.5 gpa in the Spanish Major
  • Be a Junior or a Senior who has not yet graduated from Rowan University in Spanish
  • Have a minimum of 15 credits of the Spanish Major completed and taken at Rowan University
  • Have never studied abroad through an official university program
  • Fill out an application form
  • Write an essay as part of the application
  • Meet for an interview with the Scholarship Committee

*Courses must be approved by the assigned departmental Spanish Major advisor with the appropriate Rowan University Study Abroad form signed.

Download the application in PDF format.

International Honor Society Scholarship

The International Honor Society Phi Beta Delta offers a scholarship for a student member of it's Rowan Chapter, Delta Lambda. This scholarship is awarded at the annual induction banquet.