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Study abroad and student exchange programs

The best way to increase your knowledge of international affairs is to live and study in another country. International study opportunities are available for qualified students (students with a G.P.A. of 2.75 or above) enrolled in all colleges and schools at Rowan University. Students may choose individualized study programs in more than 200 countries in Europe, East Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Australia and Latin America.

To do Study Abroad, you must plan ahead. If you would like to leave in the spring, the deadline is in October, and for the fall and summer, in March. For more information visit the International Center in Robinson 117, call 256-4105, or go to: Information sessions occur on a regular basis, so contact the International Center to learn more.

Courses on international affairs taken abroad may, of course, be counted towards your major and/or General Education requirements. In addition, students who participate in Study Abroad programs may count credits from their semester abroad towards fulfilling the requirements of the International Studies Major & Concentration.


Study Abroad Student César Coss(Dec. 2013)writes a poem about his experience in Salamanca

Memorias de Salamanca (por César Coss)

Mirando por una pequeña ventana, golondrinas volar veía
todo tan tenue y calmado, un sueño todo parecía
como si por arte de magia, aquí alguien me pondría
estaba en España con UMASS, quien lo diría.

Con orgullo en nuestros resumes, ahora van encontrar
que a otras tierras lejanas, fuimos a explorar
por la catedral y el rió Tormes, el honor tuvimos de caminar
y como UNAMUNO, bajo el mismo sol y bajo la misma luna hablar.

Muchos recuerdos bellos de estas tierras nos llevamos
con nuestras familias siempre en mente que mucho extrañamos
pero valió la pena ya que la experiencia nuestros corazones ha marcado.

Lamentable nuestra corta estadía a su final ha llegado
sin olvidar que en Salamanca nuestras huellas hemos dejado
y que somos parte de la historia y no de un sueño pasado.

Memories of Salamanca (by César Coss) translated in English (by Ryan Doud)

As I watch through a small window I see swallows flying,
Everything is as calm and peaceful as I were dreaming,
I appeared here as if by some magical craft,
Who would have thought, I was in Spain with Umass.

It is with pride that they will now see on our resumes,
How we went to explore these distant lands,
How we have had the honor of walking by the Cathedral and the river Tormes,
And how our voices were heard under the same sun and same moon as Unamuno.

We are taking with us many fond memories of these lands,
We missed greatly our families that we thought of always,
But this experience was worth it for the mark it left on our hearts.

Lamentably, our short stay has come to its end,
Without forgetting that in Salamanca traces of us were left,
And that we are part of, not just a dream but of Salamanca story.